How to Receive Money in Canada

Transfer Money Online in Canada

Canada is one of the most diverse countries in the world. Generations of immigrants have brought their talents to, and are inextricably woven into a prosperous, stable Canada. In fact, one in five Canadians is foreign-born, the highest among the G7. Canada has benefited tremendously from immigration, as it contributes to economic prosperity, diversity, and our nation’s strong cultural fabric. 

With millions of people from around the world it’s natural for money to be shifted in and out of the country. In an era of the instant smart payments, money transfer services are the remittance solution for today’s digital world.

Best Way to Receive Money in Canada

Jeton Wallet enables you to send and receive funds in your chosen destination, so that loved ones abroad can withdraw the money from  their nearest local bank. With Jeton, you can deposit, withdraw, send, pay and exchange money easily in one platform with over 70 global and local payment methods, supporting over 50 currencies. We provide maximum security and data protection with PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and 2 Factor Authentication.

Jeton Fees to Receive Money in Canada

If you are the receiver, the first five transactions are FREE. As of the 6th send transaction within the same month, 2.50% fee is taken from the receiver per transaction.

Why use Jeton?

In today’s busy daily life, digital wallets and the technology behind it are changing the way we operate with money. You can transfer money online from Canada with our mobile app or website and enjoy the following:

Free registration

• 24/7 live support team to help you 

• Options to deposit, withdraw and exchange various crypto currencies

• Seamless verification process

• Various supported language options (with many more to come!)

• Low and transparent fees to save your money

• Notifications for your transactions

Receive money to your Jeton Wallet and easily withdraw your funds as cash or spend it online. 

If you receive money through Jeton from a family member or a business related transfer you will immediately get notified. To receive money you need to to provide your email address, phone number or Jeton ID. Don’t have an account? Not to worry, you can still receive money online but in order to withdraw the money you’ll need to create your Jeton account. Any money sent to you is deposited and available instantly for you to access as cash from a choice of convenient local options.