How to Receive Money in Russia

Transfer Money Online to Russia

The rise of the digital economy has made electronic wallets, or e-wallets, increasingly popular in Russia. The e-wallet first appeared thanks to the development of the digital economy in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg, where citizens increasingly prefer the convenience, speed and safety of electronic forms of payment.

As the digital economy continues to evolve, convenience and speed are becoming a necessity. An e-wallet is a useful alternative to a traditional payment methods, which often carries expensive fees and requires a visit to a physical location and formal identification to be set up. People increasingly make purchases by tapping their cards or phones—and prefer to do so easily and quickly, without additional commissions and hidden fees.

Best Way to Receive Money in Russia

With Jeton people can transfer money online to friends and family in Russia with a fast speed and cheap fees. 
One of the advantages this service offers is the convenience for its customers. When you’re carrying an electronic wallet, you get to limit the number of cards you carry when you travel.

Receive money to your Jeton Wallet or bank account and easily withdraw your funds as cash or spend it online.

If you have a wad of cash in your pocket that gets lost, you have zero options available to you to recover your funds. Losing your credit cards means you must contact each lender to cancel each card, then have a new one issues. With an electronic wallet, the information is stored through a third-party provider. It’s locked behind your password or biometrics. Even if you lose your device, you’ll still have access to your e-wallet once you get a new device.

How to Receive Money in Russia

All you need to receive money online with Jeton is a Jeton registered email address and a phone number. Any money sent to you is deposited and available instantly for you to access as cash from a choice of convenient local options.

You can receive money even if you’re not a registered customers. You will get a notification for the transaction and you will be invited to open a Jeton account in order to withdraw your money.

Jeton Fees to Receive Money in Russia

If you are the receiver, the first five transactions are FREE. As of the 6th send transaction within the same month, 2.50% fee is taken from the receiver per transaction.