How to Receive Money in Honduras

The use of digital wallets like Jeton has been on the rise in many countries, and many governments are encouraging the establishment of a cashless society. Gone are the days where you needed to wait days and weeks to receive your money from another country. With our service we make sure your transactions are simple and fast.

Why Jeton is The Best Way to Receive Money in Honduras

Jeton is the best way to send money to those you love, and offers you the ability to select the desired currency (including cryptocurrency) among more than 50 currencies in 190 countries around the world. In addition, you also have the possibility of convenient funding your Jeton account (or withdrawal of funds from it). Having said that, now we are going to focus on the convenience Jeton offers specifically to Receive Money in Honduras.

First of all, to receive money in Honduras, all you need to provide to your sender is your email address or phone number you registered your account with. You can also receive money if you give your Jeton User ID.

Simplicity comes first as you see but that’s not even all! With Jeton you have the following benefits in Honduras money transfer transactions:


Carrying cash in your pocket covers a lot of space and is even insecure. If you do not like to carry stacks like credit cards or other documents too, then Jeton is a good way to slim down and offer more convenience than that.

More Security

If a chunk of cash in your pocket is lost, you have negligible choices available to collect your funds. If you lose your credit card, you will need to contact every lender to cancel each card and issue a new one. In Jeton however, the information is stored through a third-party provider, locked behind a password and biometric. If you lose your device, you can still access your e-wallet when you get a new device or from your computer.

High transaction speed 

The traditional transfer methods sometimes take from several hours to a few business days to finalize the transaction. On the other hand, transactions between Jeton accounts are performed in a matter of minutes.

Exciting Rewards

We provide an instant 1% cashback on every purchase made with Jeton. That means you can earn money without changing your spending habits, just change the payment method for those items.

What are the Fees?

We try to be absolutely transparent when it comes to transaction fees. As a welcome gesture, the first five transactions within a month are completely free and then you will pay a 2.5% fee to receive money in Honduras.

Here is a brief summary of benefits and advantages you can expect from Jeton Wallet while transferring money to an account in Honduras as well as any country where we offer our services. Get your Jeton Wallet ready and available today for your global money transfers in a fast, secure and budget-friendly way.

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