How to Receive Money in Chile

You are stretching out on a Valparaíso beach and sipping your coconut cocktail while wondering how such a narrow country may offer so much for anyone. This has been the dream scenario for many since Chile has become one of the top destinations for tourism. In contrast with other South American countries, its unique shape makes it one of the world’s most colourful regions in biodiversity. Considering the glorious weather, a must-see Atacama desert and mesmerising Patagonia coast, Chile amazes all expats, digital nomads and entrepreneurs.    

Furthermore, this country ranks as the safest South American country with the lowest crime rate according to the Global Peace Index. Therefore, Chile does not create security concerns for any visitors. The high speed of human development, enormous copper reserves, tourism growth and a foreigner-friendly approach of Chileans separate Chile from other chaotic Latin American countries.

However, when it comes to receive money in Chile, things can become somewhat perplexing for those who do not hold a residence card. Creating a bank account in Chile is an uphill task even for Chileans. On the other hand, for entrepreneurs and small business owners, the Central Bank of Chile serves as functional conditions to back up foreign capital mobility in the country. 

Chile money transfer

Thankfully, other options exist to receive money online in Chile rather than in a bank account. Due to the high volatility of the Chilean Peso (CLP), many think money transfers must be done through a platform placing multiple fiat currencies. In this way, both sender and receiver will not be affected by sudden ups and downs in Peso value. Plus, these online wallets are excellent services for exchanging different currencies at profitable rates. Therefore, if you are a non-resident in Chile, the most logical way to send money to Chile and receive money is through digital wallets.

What is a digital wallet?

A digital wallet is a digitised traditional banking service at every level. In this system, users can create their accounts effortlessly in a blink of an eye. Since they are online accounts, it is possible to benefit them instantly and salutary compared to traditional banks at a snail’s pace. 

Let’s assume you are on holiday in Greece and you suddenly remembered your mortgage payment is tomorrow. How can you avoid a salty default interest and reduction in your credibility note? If you own a digital wallet with an accurate balance, you can simply utilise money transfer in Chile. The amount will be sent in a short time. So you can keep on enjoying the Greek sun and turquoise sea. No waiting! No high transaction fees! Simple and smooth money transfers worldwide in a plethora of fiat currencies. 

Consequently, Chilean authorities may not let you open a bank account if you are not a former resident, yet you still have an excellent money transfer option for Chile. Indeed, when we think of the low fees, accessible account openings, fast transfer solutions, smooth mobile application, and high safety levels, we believe digital wallets are much better and wiser methods to send and receive money compared to pianissimo bank transfers.

Jeton Wallet in Chile

Our excellent and well-equipped digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, can be the one you have been searching for to transfer money in Chile. Instead of sticking to exhausting bureaucracy, you can create a Jeton Wallet account in a few minutes and upgrade your living experience in Chile! Moreover, all our services are also available in the Chilean Peso, besides a myriad of other fiat currencies.

Join the Jeton family today and readily carry your payments through Chile to the next level!

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