How is Your Money Safe with Jeton Wallet?

Are you searching for a safe and operative digital wallet? Jeton Wallet is the right spot! Secure Jeton Wallet payment services will boost your online venture drastically. Since the shield of your account is our top priority, you are in good hands! In this article, we will underline the musts to keep your digital wallet secure and Jeton Wallet’s safety precautions.

A New Era in Payment! 

You know what they say “Inventions are born out of necessity”. The complexity and transactions at a snail’s pace were not only a hurdle for individuals but also for the world economy. Since we live in a global world where borders are just in topography textbooks, lagging international transactions and conventional banking systems can lead to clogs in the ecosystem. No need to state how paramount on-the-clock and secure money transfers are for a dynamic economy. 

How to speed up circulation, and what are the safe patterns for transactions with affordable fees? At this point, a new approach steps forward. The rise of digital wallets! They not only ease the transfers but also let us monitor the recent activities momentarily. Coming with countless perks, undoubtedly, digital wallets have evolved to another level in our payment rituals recently, and the number of digital wallet accounts is growing faster and faster. 

A new analysis from Juniper Research claims that the total number of digital wallet users will surpass 5.2 billion globally by the year 2026. This anticipation rings accurate and possible when considering the rise of 18% since 2019. Today, the e-wallet market volume is estimated at $ 4.8 billion, which is an exceptional amount for a payment method with less than two influential decades. Thus, firms pursuing a large slice of this giant and delicious cake assemble a highly competitive battleground. There is no seat for old-school standpoints here as well!

Safety is first!

When we think of myriad options, choosing a digital wallet in this crowded market can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Not to be hypnotized by sugar-coated offers, you need to make a wise pick. Instead of focusing on promotions, we advise you to be sure whether it is a safe e-wallet or just another scheming dismay.  

Evaluating the security of a digital wallet can be challenging if you are not knowledgeable about online services. There are some benchmarks we would like to highlight at this point. Here are:

  • Your digital wallet must hold at least one valid operation licence from a prestigious regulatory authority. This is a verification pointing out if it is legit or not.  
  • An SSL certificate is a sine qua non in any online payment venue. Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption protocol that scrambles up all circulating information. Thus, even though there is severe data leakage, nothing can be read by a third party.
  • A steadfast digital wallet must promote two-factor authentication (2FA) for an extra layer of protection. This typically includes using a fingerprint scan or SMS message to confirm your identity before accessing your wallet. 
  • Another essential feature is the ability to change the security settings. You must be able to close online transactions or activate location-based payments. So, when you do not use your account, all will be sealed and unassailable.
  • Adjusting your spending limit is one of the intelligent ways to guard your money. It saves the day in the case of a hack and will help you not lose track of your money and spend more than your budget.

Please note that the safety of a digital wallet is bilateral. Unless you do your part, nobody can shield you against threats and perils. Initially, you must never and ever share your password with someone else. This is the foremost rule as well as it is the most prevalent mistake in cyber security. None of the digital wallet customer support will request your password or OTP via phone or email. 

Moreover, most schemes are made through phishing, a fraudulent practice of sending emails or other messages from companies to induce individuals to reveal personal or financial information. Do not click the links you do not know and do not share any details through emails or messages.

Choose Jeton Wallet for a Peace of Mind!   

All in all, your digital wallet security should always be your primary concern, and you must always check the critical regulations above. Our superb digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, is proud to define itself as a “Stay Secure” payment service. 

We provide card freezing any time you sense a suspicious transaction or you are in the mood to give a pause. Our clients can always modify their spending limits through our user-friendly application, Jeton App. Turning them on or off with a single move is a fantastic feature for sure.

Since your account is entirely shielded by 2-factor authentication, no one else can withdraw money from your Jeton Wallet account to their personal bank account. For additional security, please enable biometric authentication if you hold a smartphone. We suggest you set it due to it being the most advanced and bulletproof identification method of current technology.

Furthermore, Jeton Wallet is fully certified by International Cyber Security Standards and UKAS Management Systems. These are two leading firms professionalized in Internet security. As a digital wallet that cooperates with the most prestigious payment methods and associates, we are the official e-wallet sponsor of West Ham United F.C. and e-wallet partner of Hull City A.F.C.

Would you like to discover more about our advantageous and smooth online payment services? You can always stop by and contact one of our proficient customer support specialists. Choose Jeton Wallet to carry your online money management to the next level!

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