Contactless Payments in Germany

Life is hectic! There are tons of things every day we have to plan or follow to fulfil our responsibilities. Do you know someone who comes to their middle age and does not complain of forgetfulness? Let’s think a little, do you ever doubt yourself when you step out of your home and ask, did I get my keys? My wallet? Car keys? Things that are necessary for the kids and/or for work? At least now, one thing that gives us a mental load is currently out of sight, thanks to contactless technology. 

An Easier Life with Contactless Cards

Contactless payment is one of the many innovations that have entered our lives with the advancement of technology and made our lives easy! You are in a hurry, and right in the middle of your grocery shopping, you realise that you left your wallet at home! Before panicking, hold up a second; as long as you have your mobile phone with you and use mobile banking, you will never fall flat. 

Here is another example; your hands are full, and you have to pay; you don’t know how to reach your card without putting everything down and losing time. You can actually make your payment and continue on your way without even removing your card from your wallet. While we have given some examples of possible scenarios, let’s not forget smartwatches, either. If you set everything right, that little gadget will save you too.

Contactless Payments in Germany

A recent survey showed that people in Germany used credit cards or debit cards more than cash during the pandemic. In contrast, contactless transactions in Germany rose rapidly to protect the cardholders from any virus contact by inserting a pin code. With a simple swapping away, you can pay quickly and safely. Even the smaller shops that preferred the old school cash system started to accept cards, and even some shifted to only card systems. But how about contactless payment options in Germany? Since Germany is the giant of Europe, referring to its massive industry and importation, Germany payments add an extra layer of security to the transactions. 

Another leading Germany payment method is digital wallets, allowing users to link their bank accounts to online capital directly. On the other hand, prepaid cards given by these digital wallets let users enjoy their online shopping without leaving a trace behind. Furthermore, some of these establishments provide a debit card accessible just like any card from Visa or Mastercard. 

Jeton Wallet in Germany

Hallo Deutschland! In our state-of-art digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, we aim to ease on-the-counter and online payments for our beloved customers. Besides taking all necessary precautions to protect your personal data, our internal team is ready to serve you tailor-made business solutions to keep you updated on what is happening in this constantly changing world!

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