Why are Digital Money Transfer Services Crucial in Covid Pandemic?

Is it only us or do you also feel like 2020 and 2021 must be removed from our Gregorian calendars? What was all that mess, fear, concern and rush? The uncomfortability of obscure! Just like a sudden hurricane, Coronavirus swept away our daily routine and evolved it to a science-fiction Doomsday-themed Hollywood cliché. Everything we embraced became ashes and slipped down from our hands. Aspects of schooling, working, going out with friends, birthdays, concerts, hugs without perplexity! We all passed months between depressing walls stunned by depressing news and multitude of new cases. 

When Covid-19 hit the sprawling capital of Central China, Wuhan and this novel Coronavirus was identified by WHO in January 2020, nobody had any slight idea about what kind of snowball was rolling towards us. In the upcoming two months witnessed unheard-of events resulting in all humans closing their house doors against the external world. Devastating quarantine regulations came one after the other. It was not only the heavy doors closed, we entered in our cocoons intentionally and this was the beginning of an era’s end.

Just one certain thing was still standing when the storm subsided. Our need for money! We all needed online money flow to sustain our orders indoors.

Unstoppable Digital Money Transfers 

Since we have hit the bottom with months of endless isolation, it was not possible to wait in bank branch queues. At this very point, the providers were surprised with the highest numbers of online money transfers like banking history has never seen before. Considering we zoomed in for our Spanish lessons, bought tons of items from online shopping sites and tried to run our businesses remotely, it was not surprising at all. 

Naturally, online payment services’ continuous rivalry has gained acceleration and fin-tech companies began to create innovative money transfer apps for digital wallets and online payment services

Online Money Transfer Benefits

Digital money transfer applications come with attractive advantages:

  • Cheaper – transfer your money internationally and locally with reasonably lower fees compared to traditional banking systems
  • Faster – easy to register and transfer funds
  • More Trustworthy  – more transparent, no delays and high reliability
  • Safer – these mobile banking apps provide highly-advanced data protection tools
  • More Practical – direct your money flow independent from location or time
  • More user-friendly – these apps serve flexible payment methods with attractive offers

Obviously, considering government-enforced regulations, “Stay at home, stay safe!” orders, digital banking apps and money transfers online live a Renaissance. Through the new developments, most of the consumers utilise these hassle-free services easily, reliably and without having to leave their home.  

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