10 Financial Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself

Affirmations are a powerful way to motivate an individual that agrees with its message. Financial affirmations offer the same comfort, paving the way for a confident future with money.
Your money mindset is the feelings and thoughts you subconsciously develop towards money from your life experiences. Because our thoughts often control our actions, developing a negative money mindset can create a barrier between you and financial health. It can keep you in a place of stress and anxiety and it can keep you from achieving financial goals.
But just because you’ve developed a negative money mindset, or negative thought patterns around money, doesn’t mean this is how you’ll always feel.

What are financial affirmations?

The Law of Attraction is the idea that you attract into your life what you focus on, per Jack Canfield.
Yes, there are exceptions to this. There are certain terrible things that just happen. There are certain systemic challenges that make it harder.
But the idea at its core is to focus on what you want for your future. And that includes what you want for your finances.
In financial counselling, this law translates to a concept that basically says you have to be able to envision the life you want your money situation to support before you can set goals to achieve it.

List of financial affirmations

With a better grasp on why money affirmations are important, let’s dive into some of our favourite money affirmations.

1. It is within my power to create a successful financial future.
2. I believe in my ability to use the money that comes into my life to meet my financial goals.
3. My life is full of wealth beyond money.
4. I can find the positive in my money situation.
5. I can become financially free.
6. I am a very capable person that can tackle all money obstacles.
7. Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals.
8. Money can expand the opportunities of my life.
9. I can use money to create a better life.
10. Today I commit to living my financial dreams.

Any of these ten financial affirmations should get the message across loud and clear – wealth matters, and you are in complete control of the outcome. Gather the necessary tools to make it possible, and never look behind you. With these affirmations, you are that much closer to the finish line.

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