What You Should Know About Crypto Debit Cards

Being more than a curious case as it was in 2008, today, crypto coins are considered as a demanded investment just like gold, silver, helium, and oil. Although many old boys had kept their distance from these decentralized currencies at first, they have realized that when there are depreciation and appreciations called bubbles and busts, a great opportunity to earn from profit margins. This is a mind-blowing aspect! But is it wise? Are crypto coins the tulip bulbs of the 21st century? 

We do not think so! Because not all crypto enthusiasts are interested in buying/selling on a daily basis, but in the revolutionary technology beneath the surface. There is a vast number of believers reading white papers and doing detailed research before loading their hard-win money to a digital asset. According to the latest statistics, 40% of Bitcoin is held in cold wallets which do not move for ages. This is effective proof that digital assets are not considered as hit-and-runs. Thus, a cryptocurrency is not more different than silver or the Japanese Yen in terms of validity. Acceptance and penetration of crypto assets into our lives led various digital wallets to place them in their portfolio. In other words, for many holders’ eyes, it is the same to have a foreign currency or crypto-asset in their accounts. This brings us to a point where e-wallets provide crypto debit cards for their clients.

What are Crypto Debit Cards?

In a nutshell, we can define a cryptocurrency debit card as a physical payment card enabling its holder to spend with digital assets instead of a fiat currency such as dollars or pounds. Actually, it is nothing less compared to an actual debit card or credit card we used to utilize. You can tap, swipe or insert your crypto card anywhere the card issuer is accepted. Most of them are branded by prestigious issuers such as Visa and Mastercard and make it possible to purchase using Bitcoins, Ethereums, and Litecoins with instantaneous exchanges. 

Finding the Best Crypto Debit Card

Although these cards are spectacular mediums for those who are active traders and like to make use of their funds in their daily routine, there are some points you need to be careful about. Here they are:

  • Choose a reliable one!

As we always underline, it is always wiser to join a platform with an international and prestigious license. Thanks to the internet, it is downhill to find customer reviews and complaints about multiple companies. Do not be lazy and simply dig in before loading your assets!

  • Choose a tailor-made one!

Crypto debit cards come in various types whereas providers also place setups for clients’ needs. Are you looking for daily or monthly limitations? Blockage of online shopping? Contactless payments? ATM withdrawals? Swipe Payments? Location-based security? You can have them all and more. All these specifications will let you control your cash flow and increase your security utmost. 

  • Choose an advantageous one!

Most digital wallets welcome their newcomers with tempting rewards such as cash-backs, points, VIP schemes, referral bonuses, and other benefits. It is likely to find an account with an interest to earn on your cryptocurrency even. Learn about what exactly you are offered and read the Terms & Conditions text carefully not to chase fictitious promises.

  • Choose an affordable one!

Considering that your company will charge you with exchange fees, you better be extra cautious to use a platform with reasonable exchange rates and costs. In addition to the usual fees, they can require monthly fees, crypto-related fees, or other transaction fees. Before handling all your assets, be sure that you have understood the fees policy thoroughly. 

Consequently, cryptocurrency cards have opened a new era in our shopping habits with their convenience and ease of use. Our company, Jeton Wallet, is also a digital wallet with a rich selection of cryptocurrencies. Broadening more than 100 countries in excess of 70 payments options, Jeton leads the sector and offers proprietary solutions for both individuals and business owners. Join us today and experience seamless online money transfers overseas and many other services!

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