What is Crypto IRA? A New Approach For Your Retirement Plan!

All has changed at the speed of a whirlpool since the first step of the manifesto, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System”, on 31 October 2008. This mind-blowing idea of a decentralised and liberalist currency with neither medium nor higher authorities on our neck could be the gate opening to an entire game-changer field and irreversibly evolve our perspectives of the financial world. 

Although it was accused of being a surreal attempt to create a Ponzi scheme by the heavy rocks of the current financial system, today, crypto assets are no different than any stock after almost two decades. Those who were gravely against Bitcoin have become the closest supporters of cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and Metaverse. When it comes to earning, there is no stability. The assets may mutate in years, but one principle applies to all ages: Money talks!

Can I Put Crypto Into my IRA?

As a widely-known and accepted monetary medium, crypto has infused into our lives profoundly. In contrast to its first steps in 2008, people do not think it is a utopian dream anymore. It is possible to see the traces of this approach, from significant company investments in digital assets to crypto solutions for our daily concerns in every aspect of finances. 

What is the most potent question mark in our heads? Is there anything more concerning than the next day? How about when we retire? Since the future is unavoidable, we do not get younger. We ought to have a solid plan regarding how to spend our elder days and, more significantly, how to fund those days after stopping our active working life. 

According to the latest statistics on white-collar employees between 26-45, a notable percentage choose Bitcoin IRA (Individual-Retirement-Account) to save money for their retirement days. When we think of the bright rise of cryptocurrencies recently, a well-kept Bitcoin or another crypto coin can shine on your retirement plan under challenging days. 

“Don’t act your age in retirement. Act like the inner young person you have always been,” says J. A. West, famous American author and lecturer. 

Are you looking for days to keep your head above water only, or do you want to see the world? Visiting the countries that you have always dreamed of? Tasting exceptional cuisine? Swimming in the Nile River? Witnessing Aurora Borealis? Don’t you think you have already deserved it after all those early awakenings, pressure from your boss, and that pair of high heels you have been wearing for decades? 

Maybe a traditional individual retirement account can give you comfort and some of these above. Yet, the instability of this chaotic world pushes us to separate our eggs in different baskets. A Crypto IRA seems the proper way to divide the risk and give a likelihood to live in clover instead of on a shoestring.

Which Crypto to Invest in?

Once you decide to add crypto to your IRA, it is wise to take advice from a professional financial advisor experienced in the cryptocurrency market. This advisor may assist you through which crypto coin to choose and how you can add Bitcoin or another currency into your IRA portfolio as part of a strategic retirement plan.

We can not spot a crypto asset with our finger; however, big ones with a boosting technology like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, or Avalanche can be a more promising idea. In contrast, we recommend staying away from bizarre and weirdly speculative ones such as Dogecoin, Debtacoin, Garlicoun, TrumpCoin, PutinCoin, and many more.  

To sum up, it is always up to you how to shape your retirement and how you want to see yourself in your middle 70s. Even though those days may look so far away, it is always better not to be caught unawares. Right?

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