What is a Virtual Internship and How to Find it?

We can agree 2020 has been anything but normal, with COVID-19 hitting different countries to different extents and along varying timelines. While some of our offices are reopening under new safety protocols, others, are still trying to figure out how to return to work and maintain a safe ‘new normal’ when the time is right. In the same way everyone has had to pivot their lives around how they work and operate.

Just as operations have shifted from office space to a virtual space, similarly talent outreach programs across the globe, such as internships have now seamlessly integrated into new ways of working.

What is a Virtual Internship?

Before we start explaining how virtual internship work we should explain what exactly is a virtual internship. This type of internship is structured exactly like the traditional internship except you don’t have to go to a physical location. Essentially, you have the chance to intern in a company across the globe without having to travel and live in the country where the company is based. You only need your laptop or desktop computer and Internet connection and you’re good to go.

Online internships are not new but the technology development and the wide spread of internet connection worldwide has let to an even bigger interest of this type or programs. Finding a helpful network has become much more easier so is the global connection with companies looking to hire interns.

How does a virtual internship work?

Since you already have an idea of what virtual internship it’s time to learn how these programmes work. Virtual internships allow you to work with a company based outside of your home country without travelling there. This will give you many of the benefits of international work experience without some of the barriers such as visas and the high cost of moving to work abroad.

Usually, in a remote internship you will meet your supervisor via one of the virtual communication platforms like Zoom, Skype etc. to plan your projects. Once you know your tasks you will spend the week working on it and having occasional talks with your manager or supervisor.

As you might be already starting to pick up, participating in online internships means you are working pretty independently. You will have a set number of working hours assigned to you by your company, but you can work those any time of the day. If you’re a morning bird, you can jump out of bed and work straight away but you can also work at 3 am on your couch as well. As long as you get your projects done, when and how you do it is determined by you.

How to apply?

You can use the good old Google search but you can find remote internships on LinkedIn or We Work Remotely. These days there are so many platforms advertising remote internships listings that just a quick search should lead you to a lot of results. Do not forget to search through the social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter because a lot of these listing end up there.

One thing is certain that an online internship challenges the norm of what an internship should look like.