How to Send Money to Uzbekistan

Send Money Online to Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a Central Asian nation and former Soviet republic. It’s known for its mosques, mausoleums and other sites linked to the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean. Many Uzbeks live and work abroad and still send money to their friends and family.

The digital wallets have become popular in Uzbekistan and around the world because it is easy to use, it is safe and having faster transferring process. The uses of digital wallets like Jeton are increasing exponentially in Uzbekistan and the habit of keeping leather wallets are decreasing day by day.

Why choose Jeton?

One of the best reason is because using Jeton is time saving. Gone are the days you go to a physical location and wait on a line to transfer money to someone. With Jeton you can send money to a friend and family instantly. Often, when online shopping on the go you don’t even have time to look for your credit card and enter all the details. So, when this happens a digital wallet is the perfect solution when you want the transactions to go quick and smooth. If your digital wallet is funded, it will be easier to make payments online without having to enter the card details. It’s really a time saver.

Another great benefit of using Jeton is the security it offers. If you’re thinking that your money is insecure in a digital wallets , then you’re wrong because Jeton offers high password security service to lock your wallet even if you loose your phone.

The low cost fees is something that should be considered as well when it comes to the benefits of using e-wallets. The traditional methods are using service that are operated by a middleman and sometimes you find there are hidden fees and the transfer becomes too expensive. At Jeton, we aim to provide a transparent service with cheap fees, you see what you pay in advance.

How to Send Money to Uzbekistan

There are a few quick and easy steps that you can do to send money to a loved one in Uzbekistan.
First, you need to be a registered Jeton user who has past the verification process. When you have activated all features of your wallet and you have funded your account it’s time to make your first transaction.

To send money you will need the email address or phone number of the recipient. After you fill that information you can enter the amount you wish to send and your money are ready to go.

Sending and receiving money is incredibly easy. Download the Jeton app to try for yourself.