Using Jeton in Asia

Asia’s market is huge, actually larger than any other in terms of population since the top 10 most populated countries list include 6 Asian ones as of 2021. Internet penetration and mobile phone availability have reached incredible heights to an extent that having internet access on your phone is almost the same as having access to food and water. Such enormous vertical and horizontal coverage only translates as Asia being more digitized than ever, transforming every financial aspect there is into a widely individually accessible one. 

Jeton wallet is an ingenious solution to payment and remittance for businesses and individuals across the vast continent of Asia. Time is of essence to us all, especially when it comes to transferring money from one point to another – it might be a matter of urgent business payoff or an individual in financial distress both of which need swift resolution whatever the circumstances. Jeton Wallet Asia operations unfortunately exclude a few jurisdictions which generally are avoided due to various circumstances by most of the global financial institutions. These are Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Syria and Yemen in alphabetical order.

Is Jeton Available in Asia?

Other than these countries, Jeton is available all over Asia and can provide you with the best experience possible. During the times of a pandemic-ravaged world, in particular, the ease of use of digital solutions such as Jeton wallet proved to be ultimately essential with all threats of COVID running rampant and lockdowns imposed all over. Mobile apps with their streamlined designs and functions, boost the speed at which your financial issues are solved, effectively eliminating them as chores to be dealt with.

Jeton wallet app’s user-friendly interface, functionality and security features provide a hassle-free money transfer experience for Asian users. A mobile wallet, easy and sturdy security, intuitive design that does not make you go looking for the simplest actions enhance your Jeton wallet Asia experience to the next level.

Best Payment Methods in Asia

Jeton acts as your locally available e-wallet so Asia payment methods have been made available for your perusal for your transactions to and from the continent as well. For your transfers to take place, in case you need to top up your Jeton wallet, you could utilize bank transfers via your online banking app. Despite being limited to a certain number of countries, instant transfer of funds at your disposal is a huge perk Jeton offers to its customers.

Asia payment options also include a globally available method for your transfers – credit and debit cards from the major brands of VISA or MasterCard. A prepaid debit card of the same sort is accepted as well. As long as the Jeton wallet holder and the cardholder are the same person, your Jeton account qualifies for such a payment method.

Another safe and quick method is using the JetonCash – prepaid digital currency card that is available from resellers approved by Jeton. Practical and fast, JetonCash is another Jeton wallet Asia specific option with features such as a 19-digit number, a CVV code and an expiration date that ensures Jeton experience like a walk in the park. 

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