Use Jeton Wallet in Peru, The Phoenix of South America

“A prophet once said “Do not tell me what a man says, do not tell me what a man knows. Tell me where he’s traveled?” I wonder about that, do we get smarter, more enlightened as we travel? Does travel bring wisdom? I think there is probably no better place to find out than Peru.”

— Anthony Bourdain


When we hear the name Peru, most of us think of Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest, Incas, and the breathtaking Pacific coast. From the native Quechua culture in the Andes to the glorious Sacred Valley, Peru is pure enhancement. A haven on earth with a myriad of cultural, historical, and natural attractions, which is hard to believe that it actually exists. Unfortunately, the people of this utopia carry the burdens of its bloody past. The 300-years systematic colonization besides the merciless massacre following the Spanish invasion in 1531 opened nameless scars in souls. Even after independence, the Peruvians have faced a series of wars, conflicts, and regimes until today.     

Peru hosts 12 treasures of UNESCO’s World Heritage besides rich gastronomy. You may think that this gorgeous portion of South America is limited by exquisite landmarks like Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Nazca Lines, and Machu Picchu, but you are mistaken. Peru is the rising star of LATAM countries whereas it also leads the innovative face of the continent. Being one of the highly diverse countries in the world, the Republic of Peru is a multicultural one with large natural reserves.  

Economy of Peru

Did you know that Peru produces nearly 10 percent of the world’s fish catch? Besides, due to its unique location with different climates and geographical zones, the country is a significant agricultural nation exporting artichokes, cassavas, grapes, blueberries, avocados, mangoes, palm oil, peppers, asparagus, sugarcane, organic coffee, and premium-quality cotton. On the other hand, the major pillar of the Peruvian economy is mining gold, copper, silver, lead, zinc, tin, boron, and molybdenum which is a crucial element in metallurgy used in stainless steels, tool steels, cast irons, and high-temperature superalloys.

Unlike its neighbors, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, Peru has solid relationships and significant free trade agreements with the United States, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, and China. Therefore, it would not be inaccurate to point it as a role model among LATAM countries.  

Using Jeton Wallet in Peru

Are you looking for investment opportunities in Peru? Do you already have a partnership with Peruvian firms? An expat in these lands? No matter what your purpose is, Peru is a spot for those who comprehend the great potential! Considering the export products, cheap labor, affordable estate prices, and the recent international trade agreements, the country has attracted foreign direct investment from Spain, the United States, Switzerland, Chile, and Mexico.

Surprisingly, when it comes to Peru payment methods, there is an obvious gap that may challenge investors, merchants, business owners, and individuals. Most Peruvians utilize Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Pago Efectivo which is a cash payment option originated in Peru for those who do not possess a credit card or are sensitive about giving their information online. Yes! They are a bit conservative about their monetary mediums, however, digital wallets are on the rise evidently according to the latest statistics among the population in the age range of 18-45. Apparently, digitalization has started to conquer Peru as well as other leading LATAM countries like Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Columbia. 

In our state-of-art digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, we offer next-gen solutions for our beloved Peruvian users and the latitudinarian business owners who are stuck into limited ways to operate money transfers in Peru. Furthermore, we equipped Jeton Wallet Peru with the most preferred payment options including Visa, Mastercard, and Pago Efectivo together with domestic fiat currency, Sol, to protect you against pricey exchange rates. Jeton Wallet’s inner team understands the spirit of Peru and offers tailor-made online payment services. Join the Jeton community today and carry your payments further!

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