Top 5 Fintech Events That You Should Attend in 2022

Fintech, in the broadest sense, is a new technology that aims to improve and automate the usage of financial services, as well as the process of providing them to customers. Fintech is primarily utilized to aid businesses, entrepreneurs, and consumers in financial transactions and operations. It accomplishes this by utilizing unique software and algorithms found in computers and cell phones.

Attending fintech events is a must if you want to get involved in the financial technology business. You can build a wonderful network, learn about new viewpoints and problem issues, and get advice from million-dollar firms themselves at these events. We’ve compiled the top 5 fintech events in 2022 for you, enjoy reading!

  • Finext Conference Dubai 2022

Finext Conference Dubai 2022 provides a wealth of fintech learning possibilities. Embedded finance, AI and machine learning in fintech, expenditure management and its impact on the sector, blockchain, long-term finance and risk management, investments, and fintech innovations will all be explored. Along with the product and service presentations, the organizers also provide networking opportunities. Finext Conference Dubai is a fantastic way to kick off a year of fintech events in 2022.

Location: Dubai

  • FinovateEurope FinTech Event 2022

Premium speakers will discuss subjects such as inclusiveness in fintech, investments, how financial services have changed forever, lessons from tech giants, strategic relationship building, and the impact of COVID on mobile wallets. It will primarily focus on practical recommendations on customer experience and the financial industry’s future.

The networking will be enabled by an app that allows you to search for people who may be of interest to you and schedule meetings in advance. During the numerous networking breaks and evening sessions, you are also encouraged to simply mingle.

Location: London

  • UK FinTech Week And IFGS 2022

UK FinTech Week And IFGS 2022 is a hybrid of a fintech conference and a global summit that will bring together fintech founders, bank executives, technologists, entrepreneurs, investors, as well as politicians, academics, and the media. You will have the freedom to learn from them and discuss your passions with the industry’s most knowledgeable professionals. The networking app will boost networking opportunities by displaying profiles of all guests who are eager to meet new individuals.

Location: London

  • New York FinTech Week 2022

New York FinTech Week was created with the goal of bringing together the whole startup ecosystem. It’s a series of events that highlight various FinTech efforts, ranging from conferences to invitation-only roundtables to community activities. Please keep in mind that these activities are self-contained and require separate registration.

Location: New York

  • Money20/20 Europe 2022

Participating in the Money20/20 Europe event gives you the opportunity to be a part of fintech’s beating heart. Being a part of the fintech conference guarantees you not only visibility, connections, and growth, but also makes you a vital part of the fintech frontiers. This is an unfair edge you have. Check out some of the highlights from fintech’s greatest reunion, which took place in 2022 in Amsterdam, whether you were there in person or just want to know what you missed.

Location: Amsterdam

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