Top 10 Blockchain Influencers You Should Follow

Our financial world has converted something totally new with the invention of the cryptocurrency concept. Once Bitcoin has stepped in our lives, Blockchain suddenly became the most demanded investment asset all around the world. Today, the crypto industry is an enormous living ecosystem including hundreds of development companies, exchanges, broker services and crypto wallets. Cryptocurrency values have gone through depreciation and appreciation called bubbles and busts in recent years. Due to its high volatility and speculative nature, the crypto market is a perfect spot for easy money chasers. In such a competitive industry with no stability, it is possible to lose everything in a short time. At this very point blockchain influencers step forward to the stage with their experience, point of views and foresights. These individuals are the ones who mainly direct the subject market and can view the whole picture much better than us. Therefore, if you are interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, you must monitor their statements. We have listed top Blockchain influencers that you must keep an eye on in 2021.

Vitalik Buterin – Twitter Handle:@VitalikButerin

Vitaly Dmitriyevich “Vitalik” Buterin is the one of the founders of the shining star in Blockchain, Ethereum. As a Russian-Canadian programmer and writer, Buterin is known with his anchorages about the fluctuations and developing ideas for innovation for the DeFi technologies. What makes him unique is that he is one of the most trusted figures in the crypto sector. The most significant tweet he has ever sent is considered as “Please don’t do things like this. I would NEVER recommend anyone take out a personal loan to buy ETH or other Ethereum assets” in 2020.

Gavin Wood – Twitter Handle:@gavofyork

Dr. Gavin James Wood is a British computer scientist and co-founder of Ethereum. 41-years-old Wood is also the creator of Polkadot and Kusama. He is seen as one of the geniuses in Blockchain and his words in Twitter are followed by thousands of people worldwide.

Erik Voorhees – Twitter Handle: @ErikVoorhees

Erik Voorhees is one of the oldest faces in the sector. Today, he is the CEO of ShapeShift. The best part of Voorhees Twitter feed is that he likes to share his experiences and knowledge with the world honestly. This is a great spot to understand the Blockchain concept and improve yourself about cryptocurrencies.

Tim Draper – Twitter Handle: @TimDraper

Widely known as an angel investor and venture capitalist, Tim Draper established Draper Associates. This is a company professionalized in financing “extraordinary projects.” When he involves a project such as ICO, that project always succeeds. His Twitter feed is a great source of information about both opportunities and risks in the crypto space.

Brian Armstrong – Twitter Handle: @brian_armstrong

Brian Armstrong is one of co-founders in Coinbase and he opened a new era for merchants, consumers and investors. His Twitter feed contains the latest crypto news, opinions on newly-launched projects and information on key events in the crypto world.

Fred Ehrsam – Twitter Handle: @FEhrsam

He is a co-founder of Coinbase, one of the most popular crypto exchanges in the sector. After that, his career took a lap focusing on various other projects. Ehrsam’s Twitter feed is not one of the bravest to place personal insights into cryptocurrency investment, as well as personal growth.

Ben Horowitz – Twitter Handle: $bhorowitz

Horowitz is a co-founder and partner at Andressen Horowitz. His advice and opinions are followed closely by the crypto enthusiasts.

Andreas Antonopoulos – Twitter Handle: @aantonop

He is the famous author of Mastering Bitcoin, The Internet of Money and Mastering Ethereum. His talks, podcasts, YouTube channel and writings are valued by crowds.

Barry Silbert – Twitter Handle: @barrysilbert

If you are chasing which altcoins you should invest in, Silbert is your man. Being the founder and current CEO of DCG (Digital Currency Group) , Barry Silbert has been influencing the cryptocurrency world for some time now. Following him can make you gain the ability to recognize a good crypto coin.

Roger Ver – Twitter Handle: @rogerkver

Roger Ver is widely known as “Bitcoin Jesus”. Due to being one of the oldest investors in, but also in, BitPay,, ShapeShift, Kraken and Purse.iom, his Twitter feeds are prestigious and trusted. He tweets about his experiences, ethical considerations of cryptocurrencies, the current blockchain issues, and more.

Elon Musk – Twitter Handle: @elonmusk

Elon Reeve Musk is an entrepreneur and business magnate. He is the founder of SpaceX, Tesla, Inc., The Boring Company, Neuralink and OpenAI. The centibillionaire is one of the richest people in the world. Some of you may judge us by listing him as a crypto influencer. However, we can not deny his controversial tweets have been manipulating the crypto market in recent years.

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