Tips for Sending Money Abroad to Your Loved Ones

In this global village of today, it is impossible to limit ourselves with the borders of our country. No matter if you are in a small French town or on top of a skyscraper in Singapore, one simple click is enough to connect you with the other side of the world. It is not just zooming. It is much more than that. It is also possible to be bridged financially.  Not for long but ten years ago, we had to wait for hours on the line to send money overseas. It was not only time consuming but also a strenuous process. Banks used to ask for various documents for every transfer. IDs, long account numbers and many signatures. Despite all this challenging effort, we were not informed about any step or the time of arrival. A messy and untrustable process which was full of delays, risk of human errors and paperwork. Transferring money abroad was considered as an expensive and difficult way. But, thankfully, today the situation is totally different! You do not have to carry the whole cash with you anymore. No room for concerns such as theft, loss or keeping it safely. You can load your money into a reliable money transfer account and enjoy living in the 21st century. However, there are some specifications you must be careful about whilst you are choosing the best one for you.  

State the reasons for sending money internationally!

Are you a student studying abroad? A freelancer? Is it for a mortgage? Does your landlord reside in another country? Are you interested in buying a property overseas? According to why, you can open an account type which meets your needs. For instance, a B2B or B2C can be the right choice for a freelancer whereas you may need an account with high deposits and withdrawals to purchase a property.

Be aware of the exchange rates! 

In today’s world, considering speculations and volatilities, a foreign fiat money value changes constantly. To protect yourself from these fluctuations, you can prefer a multi currency account like Jeton. This will enable you to keep your money in various currencies and take position against unstable exchange rates.

Be cautious about hidden fees and costs!

Frankly, it is impossible to avoid fees and costs entirely in international transfers. But a short search about the company’s fees list can be helpful to shape an idea. Please note that if you are a parent who must send money abroad weekly to your daughter studying abroad with Erasmus, you can go for a standard fee for a certain limit. 

Always choose a trustworthy medium!

Do not forget there are many unreliable companies wrapped in a shiny package and empty promises. Both your personal and financial information can be in danger on these platforms. Therefore, it is extra important to find one with trustworthy licenses and a high reputation in the sector.

Delivery time is essential!

The company must have a fast money transfer policy. In many cases, time to receive international transfers is approximately given before confirmation of transaction. If not, we advise you to contact customer service to learn. Because, there will be cases when you need to be certain about delivery time. Plus, an emergency situation can occur anytime and you would not be able to clock the necessary amount to your beloved ones. You can always read the current customer reviews about transfer duration before registration. Jeton Company serves a seamless and smooth international money transfer. Besides providing a multi currency account with multiple benefits, its transparent approach about fees and costs creates a budget-friendly alternative for those who want to transfer money abroad to their loved ones. 
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