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The land of the free and the home of the brave!… With swings and roundabouts, we will turn our spotlight on a great power country playing a significant role in international politics. Today, our subject is the United States of America and current payment methods in the United States. We would like to introduce this multicultural country in curious aspects and share some highlights with our readers. 

The USA is a transcontinental country that consists of 50 states. It is located in North America and has land borders with Canada to its north and Mexico to its south. This is also the third most populous country in the world, with a population of over 331 million. 

We have all grown up with American culture. Even those at the other edges of the Earth know the Ghostbusters movie soundtrack, Times Square’s looks, and who Madonna and The Simpsons are. Although it seems like an imposed upon other cultures by socialists against capitalism, to be frank, nothing is dragooned by force. American lingo, social habits, arts, music, and folklore inspire other people before they know them.   

As an anglophone country with a legal system derived from Western, and European origin, American culture still has a substantial nexus with British culture after the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776 (annually celebrated as Independence Day). Besides, it carries marks of Native American, Latin American, Asian American, and African American cultures. 

Many superstars, artists, actors and actresses are born and raised in the United States. This country is hugely prosperous in creating and leading global trends in almost every aspect of our lives. Best actors and actresses? Amazing singers? And the movies and serials illuming us. Of course, they are from the United States. The most triumphant film studios are in Hollywood, and the money needed for gigantic productions is not a problem compared to the earnings these people bring. American civilisation is now so global that we do not even identify it anymore; it has become a part of the modern world. 

Fast food culture emerged in the United States and became such a trend that it created an obesity pandemic all over the world. So many people from, significantly, the new generations shifted their way of eating and lost touch with their traditional cuisine. The drinks that contain many chemicals and sugar are no different from fast food. The United States affects our lives in so many ways, and with the stimulus of globalisation, it is not hard to resist. 

In addition to culture, this nation supervises innovation and the latest technology regarding computers, artificial intelligence, pharmaceuticals, and military supplies. On the other hand, Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California, hosts the world’s largest high-tech enterprises. 

This region is the birthplace of innumerous start-ups and tech leviathans like eBay, Apple, Facebook, Google, Intel, Broadcom, Adobe Inc., Mozilla Foundation, and Oracle. We are talking about a set with more than one million tech employees. Indeed, Silicon Valley is the Olympus of technology and a popular destination for those chasing a dream of building a career in technological innovations.

The United States has the world’s largest economy and has not dropped its title since 1871. Due to its vast economy and natural resources it holds, the United States is often considered the “superpower” in the economy as well as military, politics, and innovation. 

Today, the U.S. dollar is the de facto fiat currency worldwide in international transactions, whilst it is accepted as the official currency in several countries. The New York Stock Exchange (NYSE, nicknamed “The Big Board”) is the heart of the world’s economy by multiple norms. Located on Wall Street, the Financial District of Lower Manhattan, it has the title of the world’s most extensive stock exchange regarding the capitalisation of its listed companies.

This very day, Canada, Mexico, China, the European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, and the United Kingdom are the most significant trading partners of The U.S. The country is ranked second in the Global Competitiveness Report, following Singapore. Another intriguing point is that Americans collectively maintain 30.1% of the world’s total wealth. This percentage is the most considerable one of any country worldwide.

Even though The United States has the largest economy, the living standards are not so glamorous for most of its citizens. It has a higher rate of low-income workers compared to other developed nations. Some reasons are a weak collaborative bargaining system, insurance issues, rising taxation on many levels, and a lack of government auspices for at-risk workers. As the chain follows, unfortunately, more than half a million sheltered and unsheltered homeless persons in the U.S., according to the latest statistics. 

The Healthcare system can be considered another big scam for lower and middle-class Americans since it is so expensive, and even calling an ambulance can cost thousands of dollars. Most of the time, these working-class people can not afford insurance, making the most spartan treatment cost a fortune.

The education plan is also not so much better than healthcare. For the working class, college education mostly means debt that will last years to pay, and many cannot risk that type of debt. So they decide not to get a college degree. The United States is a heaven for those with money, while a simple dentist visit might be a luxury for those who struggle to make ends meet. 

Sadly, “The American dream” only exists for the wealthy. If you are fortunate enough to break generational poverty and make a good living for yourself, living in the United States might be bliss with many possibilities and natural beauty. After all, the country still entices refugees from all over the world. The chance for a better life must exist somewhere.

Choosing Payment Methods in The United States

Preferred payment methods and practices in The United States set the current trends worldwide. This country is a giant in technological improvements, and new payment methods are no exception. While new and more technological payment options appear in The United States, cash usage does not drop. Americans usually prefer paying with cash for small in-store transactions, primarily for convenience and privacy reasons, and use credit cards, debit cards and digital wallets for their online payments. 

What are the Different Types of Payment Methods in The United States?

  • Credit Cards in The United States

Americans love using their credit cards. There are a couple of reasons for it. Probably, the main reason is their valuable bonus points and reward schemes with each transaction. The other one is the credit score, which goes up once the debt is paid on time. Additionally, convenience and security are significant factors for people to use their credit cards. Some major credit and debit cards are Visa, American Express, Maestro and MasterCard. It is probable to utilise credit and debit cards for most in-store and online transactions. 

  • Cash in The United States

As unusual as it might sound, Americans prefer using cash compared to previous years. Banknotes are still popular amongst Americans, and it looks like they will stay this way for a while. A reason might be the anonymity cash brings since authorities cannot track down as quickly as the transactions made with cards. The other might be the fact that some Americans still prefer traditional methods. Overall, cash is widely used and accepted almost everywhere. 

  • Digital Wallets in The United States

Digital wallet usage in The United States is becoming more popular day by day. Due to the recent Covid-19 break that made us stay at our homes and do our transactions primarily online, digital wallet usage increased remarkably. It is one of the best payment methods online, thanks to the security and eases it brings. 

Making transactions with a digital wallet is also faster and more convenient. With more digital wallet options appearing in the United States market, it is not hard to foresee a shift in mobile payment methods in The United States. If you are planning on using a digital wallet for your online transactions, do your deep research and find an option that fits your needs perfectly. Most digital wallets have additional benefits and purposes, like Jeton Wallet.

  • Cryptocurrency in The United States

Cryptocurrencies are a booming trend in the United States. Most Americans use cryptocurrencies as an investment rather than a currency. People can use many reliable platforms to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies safely. The United States government still owns $4.08 billion in BTC holdings. 

Needless to say, cryptocurrencies are prominent in the U.S. trading market, and it is not unpredictable to stay so. The US has always been the pioneer of many technological improvements. Thus, we completely understand why 11. 4% of Americans hold at least one type of cryptocurrency. 

Jeton Wallet in the United States of America

Our innovative and game-changer digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, has been in the U.S. market for a long time. Since we comprehend this spectacular country’s daily routine and consumer habits, our functional virtual wallet has already adopted a myriad of American payment methods, including local banks and debit/credit cards.

Through our seamless banking services, you can send and receive overseas in more than 50 fiat and cryptocurrencies. Moreover, money transfers between two Jeton users are entirely free. No more worrying about unaffordable transfer fees or low transaction limits.

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