The Great Advantages of Prepaid Cards

Are you one of those who feel insecure and concerned whenever you insert your card details into a website? Trying to calm down, although you know the myriad of dangers you may face if someone steals your personal and financial data through a leak. Do you trust the company? Well, think again. In a world in which Yahoo, Apple, LinkedIn and multiple trustworthy companies have leaked all the data once upon a time, there is no safe point on the internet.

In September 2017, Equifax, one of the most reliable and largest consumer credit reporting agencies worldwide, realised that its systems had been breached and the sensitive personal data of 148 million Americans had been compromised overnight. We are not talking about an ordinary hack attempt but data compromise, including users’ names, dates of birth, social security numbers, current addresses, driver’s licence numbers and phone numbers. Moreover, their credit card information was also exposed through the data breach. This massive scandal of Equifax put a stamp on leak history as the largest and most sensitive data breach to date.

Play Safe!

Since we all utilise the great benefits of e-commerces, online betting, and internet services, we rely on using cards to pay for them. But there must be a secure, anonymous and fast way to do this with no fear or worries. At this very moment, prepaid cards (virtual cards) surface as an alternative for those apt to navigate sites with peace in mind. Although they have been on the counter for a long time, somehow, many consumers have kept their distance until a few years ago. No matter the reason is untrust or lack of knowledge, today, the benefits of prepaid cards are known, and virtual cards have become widespread day by day.

What is a Virtual Card?

In a nutshell, a prepaid card is a “pay-as-you-go” plastic card enabling you to load money in and use it just like a regular debit card. The prepaid cardholders can pay their utility bills, online shopping, taxes and withdraw cash from any ATM. Most prepaid cards are provided by Visa and Mastercard, just like debits. However, a virtual card has no link with a bank issuer. You can only spend what you deposit. One of the biggest advantages of prepaid cards is not opening a bank account through countless documentation and exhausting processes. Actually, that’s why millions of consumers choose these cards over debit or credit cards. Furthermore, all these cards are free of monthly or annual fees of bank linked cards.

Meet JetonCash

Our functional and state-of-art prepaid card, JetonCash, allows you to make online payments without leaving behind neither personal information nor financial information. The chance to be invisible in the digital world is priceless for all of us!

You can purchase your Jeton digital voucher from any recommended reseller sites with various fiat currency options, including EUR, GBP, USD, INR, BRL, JPY and others. Being one of the best-prepaid cards in the sector, JetonCash ensures safety, ease of use and extensionality. Purchase your JetonCash today to experience hassle-free online payments on any website, online service or betting site!  

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