Payment Methods in Canada

Canada is one of the most developed countries in the world, where you will not have problems with payment during your trip. Due to the pandemic, places that only accept cash are decreasing and cashless payment methods are being tried to be widespread. Of course, in addition to these methods, there are many other payment methods available in this country. Below we have compiled a list of the most popular Canada payment options for you.

Contactless Payments

At various times of the pandemic, contactless and digital payments were one of the most popular Canada payment methods. Contactless credit card payments, smartphone payments, and digital or electronic payments are all examples of contactless payments.

Canadians continued to shop more online as a result of the pandemic’s effects, and many citizens supported the use of contactless and digital payments instead of cash.

While many Canadians are actively attempting to avoid touching payment terminals and using cash at the point of sale, the rise of contactless payment has resulted in an increase in contactless and digital payments in Canada, as well as the emergence of new payment alternatives such as PayPal’s QR codes. You should know that Jeton has been devoted to offering the most functional, secure, and easy options to load your accounts and withdraw funds since its beginning.


Electronic funds transfers, shortly EFTs, which comprise transactions made through a deposit or operating account maintained at a Canadian financial institution, have grown in popularity among Canadian customers, and are now the most common payment method by total transaction value. Enterprises have changed their ways of sending and receiving money as a result of the epidemic, according to the CPMT, and EFTs are preferred by businesses due to their speed and convenience (to both businesses and consumers).

Digital Wallets

Canada, like the rest of the world, is likely to go digital. As a result, mobile wallets come to mind as a means of facilitating transactions worth billions of dollars. In Canada, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other digital wallets are the most popular, with QR code payment methods via online wallets gaining popularity recently. Given the unrivaled simplicity of cashless payments, both online and over the counter via e-wallets, as well as the fact that Covid-19 took them off guard, it’s not unreasonable to assume that these simple payment options will reach your target group. In Canada, digital wallet payments will reach a high in the near future and take their proper place alongside cash and credit cards in the pie charts.

Credit Cards

In Canada, roughly 75 million Visa and Mastercard credit cards are in use. That works up to around two credit cards per adult, which seems reasonable in this modern day. Credit card transactions are quick, secure, and free for the consumer, among other benefits. In reality, the benefits that have made credit cards so popular in Canada are numerous. However, people who do not understand how to utilize them properly run the danger of harm. You may also use Jeton Wallet, which is one of the most secure payment options available.

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