Online Card Payments

Whether it’s the convenience of not carrying bulky wallets or the need for a spontaneous purchase, online card payments come to the rescue, exemplifying the fusion of functionality, freedom, and cutting-edge technology.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into how online card payments have transformed our purchasing experiences, offering an in-depth look at payment gateways and how platforms like Jeton Wallet facilitate a frictionless online shopping journey.

Gone are the days when carrying cash was a necessity. Today, whether you need to book flights, enrol in online courses, or order a bouquet, digital solutions are at your fingertips. This shift isn’t just about embracing new technology it’s about enhancing daily life with unmatched convenience and security.

Why Online Card Payments?

Using online card payments via credit cards, debit cards, or smart digital cards like Jeton Card enables you to navigate the digital marketplace with ease. These methods are not only secure but also incredibly versatile, allowing you to make purchases from anywhere in the world, at any time. 

The role of payment gateways in this process is crucial. They act as the digital equivalent of a physical point-of-sale terminal, facilitating the secure and swift transfer of payment information from the buyer to the seller’s bank.

In this article, you’ll discover how online card payments work, the advantages they offer over traditional methods, and how you can utilise them to enhance your shopping experience. We’ll also explore how Jeton Wallet can serve as your all-in-one solution for managing finances effortlessly and securely.

Ready to revolutionise your shopping experience? Keep reading to learn how to make the most of online card payments and see why Jeton Wallet could be your ideal partner in the realm of digital commerce

The Benefits of Online Card Payments

Nowadays, it is easier to purchase products or services via smartphones, credit cards and debit cards, key fobs, or smart cards via radio RFID (Frequency-Identification-Technology) and NFC (Near-Field-Communication). All these mind-blowing technologies are in your service to ease your life. 

On the other hand, how about online card payments for online shopping sites? Yes! Your debit/credit card allows you to reach anything you like through the wonder of e-commerce. Considering you are not limited by cash, it would not be inaccurate to say that the sky’s the limit if you own a debit/credit card.

You have been utilising your online credit card payments for a long time, and we are positive that you already feel the tremendous advantages of being a cardholder. However, have you ever thought about how online card payments work? 

What is a Payment Gateway?

To clear the clouds, we better explain what a payment gateway is. A payment gateway is a digital point of sales terminal that operates transaction data between the retailer’s online portal and the issuer bank. In other words, it is a service by an e-commerce application provider that authorises your credit card or direct payment processing. How to use a card for online payment via a payment gateway is entirely downhill.  

Let’s demonstrate a simple online shopping process on eBay:

  • You choose the book and add it to your basket,
  • After selecting a payment method, enter your card details into the form,
  • As soon as you click “Complete the Payment”, your details are sent to eBay via an encryption protocol hiding them from any third parties, 
  • eBay transfers the details to your card provider or issuer bank, 
  • Once your details are confirmed, the issuer sends the confirmation to the eBay payment processor,
  • Voila! You purchased your book successfully!

Online Payments with Jeton

Our digital card, Jeton Card, provides smooth online payment solutions for e-businesses, online retailers, bricks-and-clicks, and traditional ones. Are you a business owner searching for seamless payment providers on your checkout page? Through multiple currencies, you can process your payments worldwide. 

Create a Jeton account today, and carry your online shopping experience to the next level with a Jeton Card! 

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