Mark Your Calendars; Jeton is Attending the FMLS 2023 in London!

Are you ready for the financial event of the year? Jeton is thrilled to announce its attendance at the Finance Magnates London Summit 2023, also known as FMLS:23, which will take place from 20th to 22nd November in London’s historic Old Billingsgate. Come and join Jeton at Finance Magnates London Summit 2023!

FMLS:23, or Finance Magnates London Summit 2023, is the premier event for financial services professionals, as it brings together experts in Online Trading, Fintech, Payments, Crypto, and Blockchain fields. With a remarkable lineup of 3,500+ attendees, 150+ speakers, and 120+ exhibitors, the event creates a community dedicated to the growth and development of fintech solutions, where professionals, entrepreneurs, and businesses have the opportunity to network, learn, and work on their projects.

Jeton at FMLS:23 – Where Finance Meets Innovation

FMLS:23 is where finance meets innovation, as the leading names in the fintech sector come together. As a global payment services provider, Jeton plays a key role in the field, providing its users with a unique perspective on the future of finance and fintech payment solutions. At FMLS, you can meet our team and learn more about our services with a special focus on Jeton Wallet and Jetonbank.

FMLS:23 is the ideal stage for Jeton to showcase the features and benefits of the Jeton Wallet and gives attendees a first-hand experience of how our platform streamlines financial transactions. 

Whether you are a fintech enthusiast or a regular user, Jeton Wallet provides a user-friendly, secure, and efficient solution for all your financial needs. In addition to our flagship product Jeton Wallet, Jeton is proud to announce that at FMLS, you can get in-depth knowledge of our Jetonbank services, a key player in the future of banking, with a commitment to redefining traditional banking and pushing innovation to the forefront of the financial industry.

Highlights of Finance Magnates London Summit 2023 

FMLS:23 presents notable event highlights across the fintech industry. Online trading takes centre stage, offering valuable insight into the evolving landscape. Fintech is a major focus, with industry leaders discussing trends and fostering innovation. The event delves into the realm of payments, examining industry trends and innovation. What’s more, FMLS:23 provides a comprehensive analysis of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, reflecting the growing importance of these technologies in the world of finance.

What’s on Finance Magnates London Summit’s Agenda in 2023? 

FMLS:23 brings together more than 150 industry leaders in online trading, digital assets, payments, and fintech, providing attendees access to cutting-edge insights and innovations. Notably, the event also hosts the prestigious London Summit Awards, where peers celebrate excellence across finance categories. 

The event takes place over several dynamic days, creating a platform for networking and learning while fostering connections with influential figures in the field. Beyond conferences and meetings, attendees can also look forward to networking parties, dinners, and other social gatherings that can help bring about meaningful connections between like-minded individuals and businesses within the financial community.

Who Attends Finance Magnates London Summit 2023?

FMLS:23 is an important gathering where influential decision-makers and senior executives come together to create collaborations that hold the potential to redefine the fintech landscape. The global payment services provider Jeton, thanks to its innovative Jeton Wallet and Jetonbank solutions, is among the highly anticipated attendees at this year’s FMLS. 

So, who will be there? The event will attract a diverse range of professionals, including fintech innovators, crypto and digital assets businesses, institutional brokers, tier 1 banks, technology and liquidity providers, affiliates and IBs (Introducing Brokers), members of the press and media, regulators, start-ups, investors, VCs (venture capitalists), payment brands, and retail brokers, all of whom are important names in the financial services sector. 

Come and Meet Jeton at FMLS:23

We at Jeton are excited to be a part of FMLS:23, a significant event in the world of finance where the future of finance connects with innovation. Come and meet Jeton at FMLS:23 and experience our innovative payment solutions, consult with our team of professionals, and let us create a financial roadmap that is specifically tailored for you and your business.

Whether you’re an experienced financial expert, a budding fintech entrepreneur, or simply curious about the latest trends in the world of finance, FMLS:23 is the place to be this November. Don’t miss out on the chance to network, learn, and engage with fintech powerhouses, including Jeton, at FMLS:23 in the heart of London. See you soon! 

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