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“Post-modernity is the simultaneity of the destruction of earlier values and their reconstruction. It is a renovation within ruination,” says Jean Baudrillard, a famous French sociologist and future theorist who is best known for his analyses of technological communication.

In these postmodern times, today, we have a completely different perspective of life. Unlike our ancestors who mostly never left their villages for their entire life, mobility and accessibility is crucial for us. Our generation is wired against the vicissitudes of fate. We do not want to be the leaf in the wind, but the wind itself. This perceptivity of monitoring what is surrounding us reflects our routine in a multitude of ways. One of them is our financial approaches.

There is no room for waiting, nor for ridiculously tangled enrollments. Thirty years ago, it might be acceptable to be stuck in a bank branch like sardines in the can. But now? In a world where you can “zoom” your French lessons with the other side of the earth, is it wise to anticipate days to receive money transfers? What about holidays? Will you wait for the bank to reopen to open an account, change your details or cancel your card activity in a case of theft? Nobody has time or patience for this. Not anymore. 

Digital wallets like Jeton Wallet, reign their Golden Ages recently. Especially messing with dreadful Covid-19 has taught us a big lesson. A lesson we all learned the hard way; we have to renovate our financial system on the ruins of already rotten traditional banking roots! The world is too intertwined and bunched up with others to have a closed system. There is no room for being conservatory for any sector in such a globalized connection network. This is why we created Jeton Wallet in 2017!

When we decided to establish a digital wallet which reflects our observations and experiences in the sector, our team began with insights as professionals utilizing online money transfers themselves. What was missing? What was exhausting for users? Is it secure to use these services? And more important than all, how to fix the holes in the current system to provide smooth online services for those who can not find financial solutions no matter how long they have been looking for. And this was the very first point where we settled on JetonCash features after a long exchange of views. We built JetonCash Card on the pillars of simplicity, security, accessibility, and speed! 

What is JetonCash?

In a nutshell, JetonCash is a prepaid card which enables you to make online payments without leaving neither your personal information nor financial information online. Considering the latest leak scandals of leading insurance companies bragging about their high-level security, we can easily understand how significant it is not to share your data with anyone. This is one of the biggest JetonCash benefits! To be invisible in the digital world! A blessing!  

Simply purchase our revolutionary Jeton digital voucher from recommended resellers’ sites by choosing one of the multitudes of fiat currency options including EUR, GBP, USD, INR, BRL, JPY, and many more. Plus, in addition to a great deal of JetonCash advantages, JetonCash prepaid cards can be redeemed on thousands of websites including online shopping sites, casino websites, social network memberships, and sports betting. Grab your JetonCash from our resellers and start online payments with peace of mind! Take a giant leap into the future with Jeton!

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