Jeton Wallet Updates in 2022

Phew! What a year it was! From chaotic warfare to a global recession, 2022 was a hard nut to crack and will be in memory of a year full of ups and downs. How about you? What about your 2022? As the Jeton Wallet family, we hope you had the best year of your life; if not, may 2023 come with all your wishes and keep on in the way you desire. 

In case you wonder how 2022 passed, we readied a brief article regarding our triumphs through this year. Thanks to our well-equipped digital wallet, superb inner circle, and the recent advancements in FinTech, we are closing this challenging but pleasing 2022 with remarkable success.  

Here are the updates we implanted into our services to present better, smoother and more secure payments to you:

  • We launched the Jeton Card! 

The year spun off amazingly, starting from the beginning for the Jeton e-wallet. From the first day we established our digital banking in 2019; we have been dreaming of a program distributing debit cards that our users can use on both their online and in-store purchases. After a long debate on which financial services corporation to pick, we eventually decided that Jeton Card must be a Visa-based debit card. 

As soon as we announced the great news, within the first week of launch, our e-wallet users across the United Kingdom and Europe ordered ten thousand cards. Jeton users can utilize these cards in various fiat currencies, and thanks to the Jeton App, they will be able to monitor their cards’ transaction history with details momentarily. So say “Bye” to the questionable charges and waitings to talk to a representative from customer support. Now, our next milestone is boosting our debit card in LATAM countries as well as all of East Asia. 

  • We have already passed 1 million!

In less than 4 years, we succeeded in making a name for ourselves in this highly competitive battlefield. The road was rocky and rugged, but today we are a tremendous family consisting of over 1 million active users and counting. Considering our recent improvements and thriving growth in regions we have never stepped in, our team strongly expects that the number of our users may double as of 2023. 

  • We have become an eWallet partner of Hull City AFC!

It is impossible not to be impressed by the glamorous history of The Tigers. Despite financial tribulations and running for the top from ground zero, they mounted the highest league! Wow! Our digital wallet is the official e-Wallet partner of Hull City Association Football Club now. 

Tigers aficionados can purchase event tickets, homeware, jerseys, hoodies, memberships, mugs, keychains, replica kits, and many more by choosing us as a gateway method on the online store, We look forward to witnessing the approaching leadership of Hull City FC since they are by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!

  • We have signed for the 3rd year with West Ham United!

The Irons have been a top tier on the battlefield for more than a century. Having an avant-garde role in both British and European football, West Ham United Football Club formed a legendary club from a few shipbuilders. This is absolutely exquisite! In 2022, we signed a contract to be the e-Wallet sponsor of West Ham for the 3rd time, so if you are a fan of this monumental club, you can buy anything you desire by Jeton from the official website, Jeton Wallet provides The Cockney Boys with smooth, secure, and seamless payments to be beside their team to the fullest in the upcoming season for blowing pretty bubbles in the air!   

  • We have presented a Jeton Affiliates program!

This is a great way to earn more by promoting our digital wallet to your friends. With every user registered, verified, and deposited, you will win an extra amount from their transaction fees. Please check our website to learn more about the “Refer a Friend” promotion. The more people you spread the word with, the more you add to your Jeton Wallet account.

  • Jeton App is in German!

As one of the most widespread languages, German is now available in our state-of-art mobile application. Hence, our users residing in Germany will have the chance to use the application more conveniently. Plus, you can always shift back and forth between German and English! In 2023, we are looking forward to adding more languages to the Jeton App! Please share your opinions with our customer support team! We are all ears!

  • Christmas came early for some users!

At the end of the year, we arranged an outstanding lottery for Hull City games and brought winners from Turkey to England for an unforgettable experience! More similar events are already scheduled to serve the privilege of being a Jeton Wallet in 2023!  

  • The Sumsub ID verification process is on!

Since our very first step into this sector, our primary principle has always been the security of users’ personal and financial data. Undoubtedly, a solid KYC (Know Your Customer) is essential to orchestrate our services legally and in line with regulations. By launching Sumsub ID verification, an all-in-one verification platform, our onboarding procedure is swifter and more straightforward against digital fraud.   

  • Jeton has been awarded ISO 27001 certification!

ISO 27001 is an international management benchmark esteemed worldwide due to its spotless technique in assisting organizations to control their data protection by addressing procedures, technology, and people. We know how much our users rely upon our online payment services, so our team greatly endeavored to be fully certified by the most advanced quality accreditation for the top cyber security standards. 

  • J Club awaits you!

Get ready to be mesmerized by our new fantastic VIP scheme in the upcoming year! The ladder to the most incredible benefits consists of 7 levels, Standard, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. With every step on the upper level, you will be offered more advantages, including cashbacks, free money transfers, low FX rates, invite-only promotions, a devoted account manager, and a plethora of other members-only perks. The higher you climb, the more privileges you will reach! You will learn more about J Club in 2023! Stay tuned!

  • We have improved our landing page! 

Are you already a Jeton member? Then, you probably know our perceptiveness to be a user-friendly digital wallet to serve our best for Jeton members. Our website has been continually designed to acquire perfection in the light of cutting-edge technology. In contrast with our conventional peers in the sector, we prefer to reflect every new advancement to Jeton services to maintain our platform up-to-date!

All in all, we have passed a superior 2022 in retrospect. Furthermore, our inner circle has remarkable schedules for 2023 in various specializations to deliver you the best and most secure online payment venture internationally. To learn more about our services, please visit, and contact our professional customer support. Choose Jeton Wallet to carry your online money management to the next level!

Happy New Year, Everyone! As the Jeton Wallet family, we wish you health, hope, and peace! Let’s make 2023 our best year yet!

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