Jeton Wallet 2021 Updates

What a year 2021 was! Since this Covid-19 disaster penetrated into our lives, nothing has been the same! We all look like we got used to what’s going on, wearing masks, keeping our distance with no hugs or kisses. “Man is a creature that can get accustomed to anything,” says Dostoevski and surely, he has never been so comprehensible for two centuries. Two years of fear, constant concern, and voluntary isolation from life itself! However, somehow, this period has become a transition stage for humankind to accelerate the metamorphosis of a whole nouveau angle of our world. The hard times led us to reconsider our paths for online payments whereas we were not allowed to take a step from our doorway. The exact moment of an already-running ecosystem was brought to life! The irrepressible rise of digital payments! 

This mess of Coronavirus has just boosted the process. Today, 28% of Europe has at least one digital wallet account whereas online payments have doubled in 2021 compared to 2019. Therefore, it is not surprising that a tremendous sector has been constructed to meet the necessities of consumers and merchants. To be honest, Jeton Wallet has been in the digital wallet industry for a quite long time and since our very first day, we have always believed that the future of online money transfer will be utilized via e-wallets. When we first stepped into business, the field of digitalization was not as crowded as now. That’s why we knew the sector must stand up initially and then we can expand our company.

The best side of this market is the positive effect of rivalry. Thanks to the companies constantly racing with each other, both innovations and IA in financials live their Renaissance nowadays. On the other hand, the safety level increases with the great work of cyber security firms with cutting-edge technologies. Thus, more and more people are getting online to dip their toes to a more digitized monetary world day by day. 

Jeton Wallet Updates in 2021

As the Jeton family, we have passed a jam-packed year with an abundance of expansions besides game-changer innovations. Broadening in Scandinavian countries has always been our passionate desire and thankfully, Jeton entered Sweden, Norway, and Finland in 2021. We are more than happy to announce that Jeton services are fully available for these breath-taking countries from now on. As a user-oriented platform for both merchants and individuals, we also paid extra attention to designing tailor-made offers and services coherent with popular payment methods in these areas. It is downhill to load your Jeton account in local fiat currencies with local options now! Using a global service like a local is priceless! 

Another great news is our step into “The Land of the Rising Sun”, Japan. We have been searching deeply to become acquainted with payment methods and practices in Japan. In 2021, Jeton opened its doors wide open for Japanese business owners and consumers looking for smooth, secure, and transparent online payments. We also added JPY to our multifunctional prepaid card, JetonCash. 

In addition to broadening day by day, we also refreshed our security via integrating AI and ML capabilities to help businesses track possible frauds and theft attempts. We are safeguarding your personal and financial data more now, thanks to new developments in 2021. 

Jeton has spectacular plans for 2022! Increase the number of our recommended reseller sites for JetonCash, involving new techs to adapt in QR-code payments, providing a debit card issued by Jeton, widening our services for LATAM residents who are limited in a multitude of ways to pay online, and many more. We strongly believe that you will read all these objectives in our “Jeton Wallet 2022 Updates article next year, these days.

The Jeton family wishes you and yours a happy, healthy, and abundant 2022! Cheers to more shared successes in the new year! 

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