Introducing Free Business Euro IBAN Accounts!

At Jeton, we know how important your business is and our goal is to help you increase your online performance. You can find a variety of payment methods and currencies that are supported throughout our network. We also provide EUR IBAN dedicated to your company with a few easy steps. A digital financial solution provides simpler remittance and cash management with lower fees. Especially, there’s totally FREE when opening a personal account or multi-currency current account at Jeton.

What is a Euro IBAN account?

For many people, “IBAN” is still a rather unfamiliar concept. However, if you are in need of doing transactions in Europe, then you certainly can not ignore what it is. IBAN stands for International Bank Account Number which is an international account number regulated by the European Committee for Banking Standards and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), with the aim of limiting risks and minimizing fraud in money transfers within the European community.

The IBAN number is a 22-digit sequence of numbers. According to statistics, as of August 2017, there are more than 70 countries officially applying and using IBAN. The Euro IBAN account for individuals or cardholders is also known as Personal Account making payments in Euro currency. And it is only accepted through the SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) which was introduced in 2008.

How to get a business account within a few hours

You may register in minutes without requiring any unnecessary documents and get approved within hours!

You need to follow only 3 steps:

1- Create a business profile: You may register a profile by entering your email address, creating a password, validating your phone number and entering the company profile information. By creating a business account, you can open an European account everywhere in the world. Not only can you make instant cross-border payments but also any companies or banks across the globe can fund your account in multi currencies.
2- Complete the application form: After creating a business profile, you should complete an online application form. Please make sure that you enter the authorised signatory name while confirming the e-signature on the form.
3- Upload the required documents: As the final step, you should upload the listed documents required from your company. Checking the documents list on this link might help you for a fast register.

Then our teams will check your application. Please be aware that our colleagues may contact you via email if they need more information to understand your business.

Once your application gets approved, which usually takes a few hours, the agreements will be ready on your dashboard for you to sign. As soon as the authorised signatory completes the e-signature on the agreements, EUR IBAN dedicated to your company will be ready on your dashboard. You may start using EUR IBAN immediately for your company’s pay-in and pay-out transactions within the SEPA zone.

If you seek any assistance during your onboarding, you may get in contact with the business team on the support link displayed on every step of the process. You may also want to have a look on our video showing each step of the registration process. We can’t wait to have you onboard with Jeton Business family!