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When you hear the name Indonesia, the first things that come to your mind are your morning coffee blend, Komodo dragons, and magnetic Buddhist Temples. However, this extraordinary land has much more to offer than eye catches. This is the main reason why it is one of the most popular destinations for travelers around the globe.

What about expats and digital nomads who prefer Indonesia for its great potential and serenity? No matter your purpose, we firmly believe that this guide for the country and available payment options in Indonesia will help you drastically. 

Officially the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia is an exquisite country located in Southeast Asia and Oceania between the Indian and Pacific oceans. Being an archipelago, this magnificent country consists of over 17000 islands. The territory of Indonesia is divided into 34 provinces, and Jakarta is the country’s capital. While only one-third of the islands are inhabited, Indonesia has a population of 276,4 million, which makes it the fourth most populous country in the world. Follow along to learn more about this beautiful and mystical country, also known as the “Emerald of Equator”.

Even though it consists of islands, Indonesia is quite a large country. In fact, it is the most extensive archipelago in the world. It takes over 12 hours to fly from one end to the other, and no one knows the exact number of its islands. The Island of Java is where more than half of the population of Indonesia resides, and it is the densest island in the world. 

Indonesia is filled with volcanoes. There are 147 volcanoes in the country, 76 of which are still active, and there have been a total of 184 significant eruptions in the last 1,700 years. Living in a volcanically active country is not easy; due to the eruptions, deaths, financial losses and evictions happen. However, it is also known volcanic islands have fertile soil for agriculture because the blasts blend the land with various minerals. This is the main reason why Sicilian oranges or tomatoes are recognized worldwide.

While you might know Indonesia as a Hinduist country, the most dominant religion in the country is actually Islam. The theology changes from one island to another island, and since Bali is a famous tourist destination, most people think the rest of the country is also Hinduist. This is far from the truth, and Indonesia has a small population of Hinduists, most of them live in Bali. Around 86.7% of Indonesia’s people are Muslim, and 98% are Sunni Muslims. 

Speaking of Bali, here are some facts about this famous island. Bali only has two seasons; the dry season from April to October and the wet season from October to April. Overall, the climate of Bali remains moderate all year. Another fact about Balinese culture is that there are set names for the babies, and they name the babies according to their birth order. The first baby is called Wayan, the second is Made, the third is Nyoman, and the fourth is Ketut. If there is a fifth baby, the circle continues with Wayan. Pretty fascinating, right?

Indonesia is the home of the most expensive and peculiar coffee. If you are eating while reading, you might want to take a break for this one. This unique coffee bean is extracted from Civet poop, which is a cat-like mammal habited in Indonesia. The coffee berries are fed to civets, and the digestion process delivers the coffee a distinctive flavour. It might come out gross to some, but coffee lovers from all over the world pay a fortune for this coffee. 

Another favorite thing exported from Indonesia is frog legs. Yes! Frog legs! It may sound like a bizarre food choice for many. Yet, Indonesia is the world’s leading exporter of frog legs, and countries such as France, Netherlands, and Belgium are its significant destinations. The country exports around 4000 tons of frog legs annually to European countries. As a parenthesis, some believe they taste exactly like chicken. 

Let’s pause with the facts and talk about life in Indonesia. Indonesia, especially Bali, is a popular destination for expats. Life in the country is affordable if you earn your salary in US Dollars. But if you are a local, the living expenses might not seem that affordable to you. Therefore, if your country sends you to Indonesia as an expat, we advise you to consider to be paid in US dollars rather than Indonesian Rupiah or another fiat currency.

What about the language? It is not surprising to see various languages in this colorful land. The residents of Indonesia speak more than 700 languages. Thus, if your goal is to mingle by learning the local language, simply learn Indonesian, the widely spoken language among them. The second noteworthy language is Javanese; around 85 million people communicate through it daily. Even though you cannot learn the local phrases quickly, do not stress. You may also use your English in crowded provinces, especially in Bali. 

Overall, Indonesia is a kaleidoscope country filled with cheerful and welcoming people. Local people are thoughtful and tolerant towards tourists and expats. Further, Indonesia’s beautiful landscapes, incredible beaches, and multicolor culture make it a wonderful place to live in. The country improved its healthcare drastically over the past decade, and education is compulsory and free till grade nine. Indonesia looks like an attractive option if you are looking for a country to start a new life. 

Choosing Payment Methods in Indonesia

The “Emerald of Equator” is not only an outstanding country but also full of potential with its young, well-trained population, rich underground resources, and geopolitical spot. Today, many leading brands open factory branches to utilize the inexpensive labor force in Indonesia. As aforementioned, when we think of expats, digital nomads in Bali, and travelers, the payment methods in Indonesia become more and more comprehensive day by day. 

Although Indonesians persist in being traditionally cash-heavy, the online shopping industry of the country is expanding at an incredible rate of 34.6 percent a year. This changes the payment habits of Indonesian people as well. Just like any nation, people look for straightforward and secure ways of shopping in-store and online.

What are The Different Types of Payment Methods in Indonesia?

Preferred payment methods and practices in Indonesia have been shifting drastically in the last two decades due to the reasons we have listed above. But what is their frequency of occurrence? Here, we have listed the most popular payment methods in Indonesia to save our readers valuable time.  

Payment Practices in Indonesia

  • Cash in Indonesia

Since the internet penetration rate of Indonesia is 44%, it is not ready to go completely cash free. Indonesians still use hand-to-hand money heavily, and credit cards are not obtainable everywhere, specifically in the country’s rural areas. The local currency of Indonesia is the Indonesian Rupiah, and if you are journeying to Indonesia, either exchange in the airport or find an exchange office since it is advisable to keep cash on you for your in-store transactions. To try the “interesting” coffee blend, you will need to pay in Rupiah for sure! 

  • Credit Cards in Indonesia

With the recent penetration of online shopping, credit cards have become Indonesia’s second major payment method. Major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard are available in the country and are mainly used for online transactions. Since Indonesia is expected to have the highest growth in e-commerce, credit card usage is foreseen to continue increasing simultaneously. As a popular tourist destination, Indonesia must adjust its banking system to cutting-edge technology accordingly; otherwise, it may lose its primary source of income, tourism. 

  • Digital Wallets in Indonesia

Digital wallets provide an easy path for those who have difficulties opening bank accounts due to regulations. In Indonesia, making one with no residence card can get quite challenging, and this may create obstacles to sustaining a satisfying life there. Thanks to digital wallets, you can have your account in a blink of an eye and send/receive money overseas with affordable fees compared to traditional bank lists.

Digital wallet usage in Indonesia has also been boosted in direct proportion to the increase in online shopping. There are notable digital wallet options available in the country, and thanks to the security and convenience they bring, they can be considered one of the best payment methods online. 

Our state-of-art digital wallet, Jeton Wallet, is a reliable and functional alternative in Indonesia. Providing Indonesian Rupiah among our extensive fiat currency list, our inner circle is expertise in the Asian market. Therefore, you will find the finest online payment services through us. 

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  • Cryptocurrency in Indonesia

While investing in cryptocurrencies in Indonesia is legal, using cryptocurrency assets as norms of payment is prohibited. Since crypto coins can be traded as a commodity, it is possible to buy, sell and exchange coins to make earnings in Indonesia. Several crypto wallets and cryptocurrency trading platforms are available in the country, and you can trade safely without getting at risk. 

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