How to Use Jeton in The Dominican Republic

How to Use Jeton in the Dominican Republic 

The Dominican Republic has been growing its use of digital wallets. Driven by digitalisation, competition, and the ambition to satisfy consumers, the financial industry is constantly evolving and creating new innovative solutions such as the eWallet. But what makes an eWallet like Jeton better than regular money transferring methods? This article will list some of the benefits of using Jeton in the Dominican Republic.

Why choose Jeton?

Jeton is designed to meet your needs whether it’s sending, receiving or exchanging money you can manage all the activities from your phone.

In comparison to the more traditional services, Jeton is extremely easy to use, given that you simply have to download the application, open an account and get verified. All of this happens within a few minutes.You can deposit funds with your credit or debit card and exchange more than 50 currencies along with cryptocurrency. Having your funds in one central place makes paying simple and fast. The biggest advantage of Jeton, therefore, is its convenience and easy usage. Jeton is safe and secure, so even when you lose your wallet, no one will have access to your details without your password or biometrics, as all information is encrypted by the software. Payment transactions are completed in the blink of an eye, which really does redefine the whole user experience when making a payment. Besides this, Jeton often comes with handy tools such as checking your transaction history, which gives you the option to track your transactions.

How to Open an Account in the Dominican Republic

Visit our homepage on and click on Sign up or download our app, which is available on both App Store and Google Play. Fill in the registration form with your correct personal information and a password that contains 8-50 characters, 1 letter, 1 non-letter character and no special characters. You will receive an SMS code to your phone or an email code to verify your account; enter your password below your telephone number. You can now log in to your account. 

For better protection we also require an additional verification with your identification and a proof of address. This process doesn’t take much of your time and once it’s done you can enjoy all the benefits of Jeton.

Sending Money 

If you want to start sending money abroad you can do that by entering the recipient’s email address or phone number that they used to login to their account. If the person you’re sending money to doesn’t have a Jeton account, do not worry, you can still transfer money to them. They will receive a notification from us letting them now they have money in their account. After a registration they can access their funds.