How to Use Jeton in Kazakhstan

Financial services are becoming more developed in Kazakhstan, and cashless payments in particular. According to the Association of Financiers of Kazakhstan, card payments and online transfers overtook cash payments in transaction volume for the first time last year. It appears that Kazakhs are gradually choosing cashless payments over traditional cash.
The volume of non-cash payments and digital wallets used in the Republic of Kazakhstan has increased 2.1 times over the year.

Why choose Jeton?

Jeton has a significant advantage over other traditional money transferring methods by building a global community with a faster transferring speed and cheap fees.
Access at any time – money never sleep and so do we! Access your Jeton 24/7 plus speak to our support team if you have any questions or issues. It is a limitless tool that enables its users to send money at any time.
Saves a lot of time – It takes just a few minutes to register and send/receive money and you connect with people who use Jeton in over 100 countries!
Faster transaction with lower costs – perform real-time transaction with cheap fees that you can see before performing any action on the platform.
Convenience for customers – use Jeton at the comfort of your own home or anywhere in the world.
Competitive advantage for economies of scale;
Provides better convenience and greater efficiency – have everything ready in your mobile phone.

How to Open a Jeton account in Kazakhstan

Open an account from Kazakhastan, in less than 5 minutes. The easiest way to sign up for Jeton is either on your web browser or mobile phone and follow the onscreen instructions.
Make sure to verify your account if you want to use all the payment services Jeton offers. For a step-by-step guide you can follow the instructions from our previous article ‘How to open a Jeton account’.

Sending Money to Others

You can send money to friends and family by simply entering their email address, phone number that they registered their account with, or their Jeton User ID.
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To receive money as a personal user with Jeton, all you need to provide is your email, phone number or your Jeton ID.
If you haven’t already signed up for a Jeton account, sign up for one now and let the sender know the email address you’ve registered with Jeton. The sender doesn’t need any other personal or financial details from you – so your account details stay safe.

Ultimately, transferring money to someone without a bank account seems like a difficult process, but e-wallets like Jeton have been designed to make your life easier. We recommend sending money electronically, as it’s the quickest and most secure option.