How to Send Money to Andorra

The Andorran people abroad are contributing fundamentally to the sustainable development of Andorra by sending money to their families and friends. Nowadays it’s easy to transfer money online thanks to e-wallets like Jeton. Below you can find why Jeton is the best way to send money to Andorra and why you should sign up for your wallet.

The Best Way to Send Money to Andorra

One of the reasons Jeton Wallet is much better than carrying an actual wallet is convenience. People will no longer need to carry too much cash with them while purchasing certain items, like clothes or daily products. Whereby consumers will not have to worry about lack of cash while doing purchasing or worrying on the loss of cash in hand while moving to purchase destinations.
Another one, which is also extremely important, is the cost of sending money. So many services offer to send money to Andorra but most of them are confusing and hide their real cost. You might be getting paying hidden charges without realising.
Jeton is completely transparent when it comes down to its fees. Furthermore, you always see what you are paying beforehand.
If you have used to wait for days and weeks to be able to send money to your family things will dramatically change with Jeton. Transferring money with us is with fast speed, in most cases instant.
Our industry-leading technology secures your money, your details and your peace of mind all the way to your friends and family.

How to Send Money to Andorra

To start sending money to Andorra you need to be a registered Jeton account holder. You can register by going to our website or download the Jeton app. Simply follow the instruction and enter your name, email address and a strong password.
After you sign up and verify your account you can start sending money. Just enter your recipient’s email address, phone number or Jeton ID and the amount you wish to send.

The Best App to Send Money

Jeton’s app is available to iOS and Android customers. The great thing about having the app is the convenience and security it offers. Conveniently send money to Andorra, and track transactions right from your phone.
Jeton is also committed to keeping your transaction secure by not sharing your financial information. Our encryption and fraud monitoring help protect your transactions 24/7.
Get human support when you really need it with the Live Chat option provided on the app.