How to Use Jeton in Jamaica

It is estimated 70 percent of Jamaicans have little to no access to traditional financial services and accounts. Under-banked individuals typically are paying exorbitant fees to carry out transactions that people with traditional bank accounts take for granted every single day.

Those with bank accounts might find it difficult to understand how many hurdles and fees one has to overcome to make simple transactions such as cashing a paycheck, paying rent, or transferring money to relatives in other cities. Some check cashing companies can charge up to 3-5 percent to cash checks. For those living in a cash-only environment, safety and security are top-of-mind issues that often inhibit new business development and a more stable economy. There’s is a fundamental social injustice in having no access to traditional financial services, but many Jamaicans now hold the solution in the palm of their hands.

With mobile technology’s ability to instantly connect people, manage and store data, and eliminate the need to be physically present to exchange money, the solution to financial exclusion is already here. Jamaica is a perfect example of how e-wallets can help the financial inclusion of a nation.

Jeton – The Best Wallet to Transfer Money Online

Jeton is a platform widely used by those who shop, work, invest, bet or need to transfer money to different countries on a regular basis over the internet. Registration is completely free.

Here are some of the benefits of using Jeton Wallet in Jamaica.
Convenience – transfer money from anywhere around the world at any time
– Fast Speed
– Cheap Fees
– Security
– Global Support

How to Register to Jeton in Jamaica

In general, using Jeton work as follows
– Download the Jeton app on the phone or visit Jeton will require some personal data to open the account.
– Deposit Funds into the account. Jeton allows you to deposit money to your accounts using credit cards, bank transfers and in some countries cryptocurrency.
– Receive money from other Jeton accounts.
– Buy and Pay
– Make low-cost transfers. Once the account has available funds, low cost transfers can be made anywhere in the world. For this reason it is a service widely used by expats to send money to their families in foreign countries.

Sending Money with Jeton

To send money abroad you will need to have the receiver’s email address or phone number that they registered their account with. Enter the information and the amount you wish to send and press ‘Send’.

Opening a Jeton account is straight forward process, once done it allows the customer to log in from any device and deposit funds using the methods described in the above section.


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