How to Use Jeton in Germany

Send Money Online in Germany 

Germany has been a traditionally cash-forward country. Nevertheless, eCommerce in Germany is one of the largest markets in Europe and grows at a rapid pace. The use of e-wallets is on the rise. 

In this article we will explain one of the best ways to transfer money in Germany with fast speed and cheap fees

How to Send Money from Germany with Jeton

In general, a Jeton account allows you to send and receive money online while conducting safe transactions. Here is the breakdown of how to set up an account and how to make your first deposit. 

In general terms using a Jeton account works as follows:

  • Download the Jeton app on the phone. Jeton will require some personal data to open the account. 
  • Deposit Funds into the account. Jeton allows you to deposit money to your account using credit cards, bank transfers, other payment processors and cryptocurrency.
  • Receive money from other Jeton accounts or online services.

How to Set Up a Jeton Wallet Account 

When creating an account, you can choose between a Personal and a Business account. After that you should follow the on-screen instructions and fill up the registration form.

Make sure to verify your account if you want to use all the payment services Jeton offers. For a step-by-step guide you can follow the instructions from our previous article ‘How to open a Jeton account’. 

Depositing Money 

German customers can currently choose between three ways to deposit money in their Jeton accounts. 

They can do that through:

  • Credit/Debit Card transfer – the transaction might take up to 1 day to process. 
  • Bank Transfer – this method might take up to 3 days depending on the bank. 
  • Cryptocurrency – if you would like to deposit Bitcoins to your Jeton account  the transaction can take up to a day without any fee. 

Withdrawing Money 

You can withdraw money with a bank transfer or a faster VIP bank transfer, that lets you sent larger amount of money.

Benefits of Using Jeton Wallet

  • Affordable and quick
  • Convenient 
  • Withdraw money directly into your bank account
  • Merchant-friendly 
  • Secure payments