Send Money Online to Hong Kong

It is obvious for many of us that money transfers to Hong Kong have been too expensive for too long. In the traditional transfer methods, customers have endured unfavourable exchange rates as commissions were often hidden in those rates. Users also faced charges applied to every transaction. 

What is the Best Way to Send Money to Hong Kong?

Instead of relying on banks, we encourage you to transfer money with Jeton Wallet with all the advantages it offers to make sure that customers can finalize international money transfers with ease, speed and convenience. Being a digital platform, we eliminate the middlemen from the process of overseas money transfers. 

Jeton is a new way to send money around the world at a fraction of the cost. Our low cost money transfers, cheap fees, and zero hidden charges make us a better alternative to transfer money for individuals and businesses across the world. Accordingly, it is the best way to send money to Hong Kong, similar to all other countries where you can enjoy our services. 

Here we should clarify what Jeton’s service offers:

First of all, we should definitely emphasize the global connectivity it provides. 

Of no less importance is the ability to make money transfers with cheap fees especially when compared to excessive fees and charges imposed by banks and other payment methods. 

The convenience is another aspect which allows you to transfer online and save on the transactional fee. Make sure you get the best value when sending money to your family. 

Online Security – you can be confident that your money is secure when using Jeton to do a transfer to Hong Kong or any other country of service. 

Knowing that you would find a customer-friendly approach and support team to assist you in case of need would make your money transfers a lot more easier. 

How to Send Money to Hong Kong 

Get started in minutes with our simple signup process. 

  • Create your free account 

Opening your account is quick and easy and can take just minutes. Your recipient does not need to have an account with us for you to be able to send money to them. However, they will receive a notification that will prompt them to sign up in order to withdraw their money.  

You can sign up with Jeton from our website or app. Just keep a few documents handy as we will need to verify your identity as per regulations. Our verification process could typically take a day or two and we will keep you posted on your application status. 

  • Set up your transaction

Tell us the amount and currency you want to send the money in. Enter your recipient’s details – email or phone number that the account is registered with or their Jeton ID. 

  • Transfer your money

We’ll convert your money to HKD at the best available rate, and transfer it to your recipient. 

Best App to Send Money to Hong Kong

Send Money to Hong Kong on the go with our mobile app, and stay up to date at every stage of your transfers without email updates. 

Our amazing customer support team is on standby to help you when you need them. Get an answer to your question, fast with the Live Chat option.