How to Send Money to Chile

Thousands of individuals like you every week transfer money to Chile. With roughly a million Chileans living abroad, everyone needs a simple and affordable method of sending pesos back home to support friends, family, businesses, and other organizations.

The best fees or currency values for exchanging money into pesos can be found neither in Chile nor in your chosen country’s banks. For your pesos to go further, it is crucial to analyze your possibilities for sending money back to Chile. We can assist you in locating the finest solutions regardless of whether you need to send money frequently or just once.

What Provider Should I Use If I Want to Send Money to Chile?

Money transfers back to Chile can be done in a variety of ways. Since many methods are available for sending money to Chile, we evaluate all of the most common ones side by side so you can make an informed decision. The exchange rate they give, the amount you are transferring, the country from which you are sending, the currency you are turning into pesos, and other considerations will all affect which, Chile money transfer service is ideal for you.

When suggesting the most effective method for sending money to Chile, these facts should be taken into consideration. We can direct you to the quickest and least expensive methods of sending money home. For instance, we can inform you of the top companies to use when moving money from Argentina or the US to Chile.

You may either join up for most online money transfers to Chile services through their websites or by downloading their apps, which will provide you quick and simple access from any smart device.

There are several ways of sending money to Chile. These methods vary on the amount that you are sending or where are you sending money from. Based on how the recipient of your money transfer wishes to access their pesos, there are a number of excellent choices for currency conversion.

Sending Pesos to a Chilean Bank Account for Less Than $1,000

We advise utilizing a specialized currency supplier if you wish to send money to a bank account in Chile. Your best alternatives if you’re sending less than $1,000 or its equivalent are InstaReM, Transfast, and WorldRemit.

Use InstaReM, Transfast, and Xoom if you’re transmitting more than $1,000.

Chilean Banks to Which You Can Send Pesos

Sending money to any of the banks listed here, including Banco Santander-Chile, Banco del Estado de Chile, Banco de Chile, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria Chile S.A., is often possible.

Chile Cash Pick-Up Locations

A few of these institutions are well-liked venues to pick up transferred money in pesos. Providers like Xoom are fantastic choices since they have over 60 locations around Chile if the beneficiary wishes to get pesos in cash without going via a bank. Another excellent option for local cash collection is Western Union.

Do not forget that you should know the RUT number, bank name SWIFT / BIC, account number, and the full name of the recipient to send money to Chile.

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