How to Redeem and Where to Use JetonCash

JetonCash, one of the payment methods preferred by people who want to pay securely on online platforms, is a product offered by Jeton. JetonCash, which is very easy to use, is frequently used by tens of thousands of users. People who want to have a digital wallet and want to make their online payments securely can open an account quickly, and money transfers and currency conversion transactions can be made within Jeton. Among the businesses that want to offer their customers multiple payment methods, the number of businesses that offer Jeton to their users is also increasing.

How to redeem JetonCash?

You can create JetonCash using your Jeton account. JetonCash can be created online by Jeton users or purchased from local resellers. JetonCash, which is preferred by users who do not want to share their credit card and bank account information for online payments, does not need more than E-Pin at the payment stage. We all know that we do not have the opportunity to pay cash on online platforms, but JetonCash offers a very good solution to this. It is possible to easily use JetonCash, which you can buy in cash, for online spending.

In your Jeton account, go to JetonCash from the menu and click the “create new JetonCash” button. After choosing an account with a balance, enter the value of your card and click the “add new card” button. You must pay attention to the minimum limits when entering the amount. Your request will be finalized as soon as possible and an email will be sent to you by Jeton. Once your JetonCash is active, it will be visible in your account.

Where to use JetonCash?

After you create JetonCash, you can use your balance for online payments and online shopping. It is possible to make a quick payment using only your pin code after choosing the Jeton payment method, without having to enter your bank details on the platform where you will make a payment. Users who know where to use JetonCash but do not know how to use it can review the explanations provided by Jeton on the website and video platforms.

You can use JetonCash several times. You don’t have to spend your JetonCash balance at once. You can check your balance anytime by logging into your Jeton account and viewing your active JetonCash cards. Users who create JetonCash using the Jeton wallet are free of charge, but if you want to transact in different currencies, your balance may be deducted during currency exchange. 

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