How to Receive Money in Ireland

Receiving Money Online to Ireland 

Living and working abroad can be a challenge but also an inspiration to others. Jeton is here to help you support your family whenever you need to send them funds. We strive to exceed your expectations and to be available for money transfers whenever you need us. In times of need, we will find a way to support your ideas, help you grow or connect you with those who matter to you most.

Best Way to Receive Money in Ireland

We’ve combined our long-term expertise with the latest technology to give you one of the fastest money transfer services in the world. 

We want to make sure that you are able to receive as much money as possible through optimal exchange rates. You can be assured that we offer the best exchange rates possible. 

We have made the first five transactions completely free when you receive money through Jeton (the sender will be charged a flat fee of 2%). After the fifth transaction your fee will be 2.5%.

Other benefits of using Jeton

With Jeton you can also make payments online with the peace of mind that you are protected from online fraud or theft. With our service you won’t need to input details of your account, so privacy is always guaranteed. Rather, you sign into your account and make a payment using the funds available in it. It is an ideal method to manage your money better and control the amount of money you spend.

How to Receive Money in Ireland

Your time is precious and we totally get it. With Jeton sending and receiving money is simple, quick and hassle-free. Send your details to the sender – a registered Jeton email or phone number will be enough. Additionally someone can send you money if they know your Jeton User ID. All is left to do is login and access your money.

You can even receive money if you don’t have a Jeton account yet. A notification will be sent either to your email or mobile number inviting you to register and access your funds.

Is Jeton safe?

is regulated in the UK by the FCA. It is registered with the UK’s ICO for data protection, and your data is fully secure and anonymous through advanced encryption. You will have positive control and can send and receive money instantly even from remote places without any complications. Your transactions through this process will be safe, private and unlimited.