How To Keep Your Card Details Safe

Online shopping and other online payments save us a lot of time and enable us to complete many transactions easily. However, when making online financial transactions, the issue of security comes to the fore. We have mentioned the details about cybersecurity in our other articles. In this article, we will talk about how to keep your card details safe.

Card safety is ensured not only by the technical infrastructure of the banks, but also by the attention of the users. There are many platforms on the Internet where you can spend money, but not all of these platforms are secure enough. Therefore, although you trust the measures taken by your bank in your transactions with your card, there are some points that you should pay attention to.

Things to consider in order to prevent your personal data and financial data from falling into the hands of malicious people can be listed as follows;

Contactless Payments

Swiping your credit card on the pos device might seem cool, but it’s not always safe. The number of people who encounter unexpected situations is quite high because the card information is copied in the world. As a result of many fraud transactions, people who realized that transactions were made without their knowledge started to prefer contactless payments over time.

Contactless payments, a form of payment that has become very common with Covid-19, are also of great importance for card safety. Keeping your card’s contactless transaction limits low is also important for security. Since your bank will inform you about contactless transactions, you will have the opportunity to take precautions quickly. 

Disabling Some Features

If you are not someone who has the habit of online shopping, you can close your card for online transactions. Thus, if you lose your card or your card is stolen, you will prevent online transactions. Using virtual cards or making online payments with digital wallets can also be seen as alternative measures. If you have too much money in your account, you can lower the withdrawal limits or turn off this feature completely, so that you do not allow anyone else to withdraw money using your card.

Preferring Secure Websites

As one of the precautions you can see under the heading of cybersecurity, you should make sure that a platform where you will shop online takes the necessary security measures. You should see the “s”, the first letter of the word Security, in the URL. You can safely transact on a platform that uses a domain name that starts with https://. Fraud transactions are not allowed on a website with a secure connection. In addition, not saving your card information online can be shown as a useful measure.

Every transaction made with a credit card, online or offline, carries risk. The measures of the bank that provides the card you use are not sufficient alone. Users must be conscious and make financial transactions without forgetting what they need to pay attention to individually. You can read about how to make secure payments with Jeton and many different precautions in other blog posts.

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