How To Deposit Cryptocurrency To Your Jeton Account

Jeton lets verified members quickly and easily add funds to their accounts from their Cryptocurrency app on a mobile phone or desktop computer. 

In order to transfer cryptocurrency to your Jeton, use a static crypto address to transfer your cryptocurrencies from any crypto account you have. We will add this amount to your Jeton Wallet in fiat currencies such as USD and EUR.

  1. Start by selecting the Deposit option 
  2. Choose cryptocurrency as a deposit method and click Continue 
  3. Enter deposit amount and select the fiat currency (either USD or EUR)
  4. Sending details – In this section you can choose the cryptocurrency you would like to deposit. A QR window will  pop at the end with the  amount and wallet address. Click on Continue to finish the transaction. The details of the transaction made to your wallet can be checked through the link. When your transaction is confirmed, the crypto money will be credited to your Jeton Wallet account. 
  5. Deposit Action 

How long does the cryptocurrency deposit take?

This is a quick deposit option. Funds will arrive into your Jeton account within 1-2 hours.