Cryptocurrencies You Can Use When Depositing in Jeton

Jeton lets verified members quickly and easily add funds to their accounts from their Cryptocurrency app on a mobile phone or desktop computer.

In order to transfer cryptocurrency to your Jeton, use a static crypto address to transfer your cryptocurrencies from any crypto account you have. We will add this amount to your Jeton Wallet in fiat currencies such as USD and EUR.

Which cryptocurrency deposits are accepted in the Jeton Wallet?

Jeton supports trading of 6 different cryptocurrencies, which you can deposit on the platform.The list of supported cryptocurrencies for deposits into Jeton are currently the following: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, Tether
NOTE: At the moment only these cryptocurrencies are accepted for deposits.
Always make sure that you are sending your cryptocurrency to the correct address, as crypto transactions are irreversible.
If you’re making your first deposit to your Jeton, try sending a small amount of crypto first to familiarise yourself with the process and make sure that everything works correctly.

How to Deposit Crypto in Jeton?

From the Jeton homepage, move your mouse up to your Wallet at the top left corner. Below you will see the Deposit and Withdraw sections. Tap on the “Depositr” button and continue on the next steps.
Select the cryptocurrency as your depositing method.
The next step would be to enter the amount you wish to deposit.
A pop-up will appear with your deposit address and its QR code. The details of the transaction made to your wallet can be checked through the link. When your transaction is confirmed, the crypto money will be credited to your Jeton Wallet account. Also, double-check that you are sending the right kind of digital asset to the right kind of address as transactions sent to the wrong address may not be recoverable.