Hobbies That Make You Money – Have Fun and Get Paid

Did you know that you can make money from just about anything you do in your free time?

Yes, even by playing video games or surfing the internet. As everybody is looking for a way to boost their earning potential, finding hobbies that can make money is a great way to pad your wallet doing activities that you actually you enjoy.
If you don’t have a hobby already, find a few skills to learn to make money.

Here is a list of hobbies that help you make money:

DIY crafts

If you know your way around the tool shed, there are more than a few ways to get paid for working on fun DIY projects.

What’s great about the hobbies on the list below is their upside — doing them well takes real skill, which is rare. That means there’s an opportunity for huge profits, as people are willing to pay top dollar for high-quality work that shows attention to detail.


There are more than a few ways to turn your love of photography into a profitable hobby.

The first step is to identify a niche or genre of photography that you are good at. Do you enjoy clicking candid pictures or staging your shots? Do you enjoy the spontaneity of outdoor locations or the controlled environment inside a studio? It is crucial to find out which genre of photography appeals the most to you.

This is essential as it can help you establish yourself as a professional in that particular niche. By showcasing photos from a variety of niches and genres, you’ll not be able to showcase your expertise in a specific field of photography. Specialization rewards you better than being a jack of all trades.

Next, you have to approach clients, both in the online and offline space. Some of the most profitable genres include wedding photography, product photography, and food photography. Start by partnering with a local business or a new restaurant. You can even bag some gigs at local events by asking your friends to spread the word.
Illustration and design

Earn Money from Affiliate Marketing

For those of you who don’t know, affiliate marketing is a monetizing technique where you profit a small commission by recommending good products/services to other people.

There’s no inventory to manage and no customer service to follow through so it really makes starting a business much easier than other options. The good news is, most hobbies are now capitalizing on affiliate programs to ‘spread the word around’ so the opportunities are endless.


One way to monetize your passion for video games is to start a live stream channel where you share your gameplay in real time.

Once you build a following, you can monetize with ads, ask your audience for donations, or create a subscription service where people pay for certain content.

The biggest platform for live streaming right now is Twitch, but YouTube Gaming is another option.

Another way to turn your love of games into money is to start a YouTube channel or podcast. You could talk about gaming news, the latest breakthroughs in the industry, or even give game-specific tips.

Similar to live streaming, once you grow your audience, you can monetize through ads, paid sponsorships, or Patreon subscriptions.

Make Money Shopping

If you’ve got an eye for detail and want to earn some extra money, learning how to become a mystery shopper could be the perfect money making hobby.

What is mystery shopping?
Mystery shopping services is a tool used by companies to evaluate their quality of service. Imagine a store knowing that a regional manager would be visiting the store – the store would be on “best behaviour” and the manager wouldn’t know where the store is failing and where they are excelling.

Companies employ outside mystery shopping agencies to recruit mystery shoppers to carry out assignments. These shoppers will act like a normal customer and look at certain aspects of the service they receive. The shopper then completes a report after the assignment and receives a payment for doing so.

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