5 Thing You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has been here for awhile now. It has been embraced by many people and organisations globally. However, before it became firm, its first attempt as a method of trade failed. It never yielded success, especially because other earlier cryptocurrencies didn’t accomplish much. Fortunately, it’s gradually taking the lead by getting adopted by various business sectors despite not being entirely accepted globally. Many people keep wondering if bitcoin can go further into making payment.

More entrepreneurs are getting a better understanding of the new currency, hence accepting it in exchange for their products and services. Other places using bitcoins include institutions, organisations, business companies, and individuals.

So what are some unusual things you can buy with Bitcoin?

1. Luxurious cars

Buying a luxury vehicle with Bitcoin might seem difficult at first, but with an increasing number of dealerships now accepting the virtual currency, it is slowly becoming a norm.
Here are just few of the luxury vehicles you can purchase with Bitcoin: Jaguar F-type, Volvo XC60, Bentley – New Continental GT V8, BMW i8, Lamborghini

2. Giftcards

Cryptocurrency users have options to trade bitcoin beyond traditional money. A number of platforms will let you exchange retailers’ gift cards with digital coins or sell you just about any gift card for crypto.
One of the exchanges that facilitate gift card-crypto trades is Paxful, a leading peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace with global presence. Some platforms are focusing on specific markets. Pamcoins, for instance, operates in Nigeria which has demonstrated heightened interest towards Bitcoin in the past year. The service helps users trade Amazon, Ebay, Steam, Google Play, and Apple gift cards for either Nigerian naira or BTC and ETH.
Gift cards also provide an opportunity to spend your bitcoins with businesses that don’t accept cryptocurrencies directly. If you are looking to purchase cards for major retailers with BCH and BTC, you can check out Bitcoin.com Store’s Gift Cards section. The cards are sorted in multiple categories from Food, Clothing and Health, to Fuel & Auto and Sports & Outdoors.

3. Pretty much everything in Japan

Bitcoin acceptance is soaring in the land of the rising sun. Among the recent converts is Bic Camera, Japan’s largest electronics retailer. You can also use crypto in some bars, food chains and hair saloons.

4. Beer

The best news for Bitcoin enthusiasts may be that pubs were among the earliest adopters and most ardent supporters of the currency. The historic Old Fitzroy in Sydney, for instance, became Australia’s first Bitcoin-friendly bar in 2013.

5. Good Karma

Charities, NGOs and other nonprofits rely on donations to continue their missions. Some of these organisations support global causes, such as poverty or fighting AIDS. Others focus on a local community, such as various Make-A-Wish foundations across the globe. Depending on the cause closest to their heart, people make one-time or periodic donations to these charities by wire transfer or various online payment methods.
Moving with the times, many organisations added a new form of accepting donations. In particular, cryptocurrencies.
The American, Red Cross, Humanity Road, Autism Speaks and Heifer International are only some of the charities that except Bitcoins as donations.