Get your Free Euro IBAN Account online – Why have one?

Free Euro IBAN Bank Account

With Jeton Business, you instantly get a European Account or IBAN. It is the most convenient way to receive and send money worldwide.

What is IBAN?

IBAN stands for “International Bank Account Number.” It has up to 34 characters (depending on the country), including two letters that identify the recipient’s country, and 32 digits that include the account number, branch identifier, and routing information.

IBAN is used in all European countries (except Russia) and dozens of non-European countries. It is especially convenient to send money within the SEPA zone, which includes 36 countries: the European Union, plus EFTA and the UK. This initiative was designed to improve the speed and regulate the costs of sending bank transfers in euro between the member states, making it as cheap as it would be to send money between accounts in your own country.

Jeton has been working hard to take down the barriers and support individuals, organisations, and companies to be able to access various convenient solutions that seem to be out of reach, because of bureaucracy, international agreements (or lack of thereof) and considerably slowly innovating of the traditional banking system. B2B offers its customers IBAN accounts in various currencies worldwide.

How To Get A Free European Account With Jeton?

Getting an IBAN is very easy and fast! You need to follow only 3 steps and your application gets approved within a few hours.

  • Create your company profile with only 3 questions.
  • Fill in the application form
  • Upload the required documents about your company
  • Then our teams will check your application. Please be aware that our colleagues may contact you via email if they need more information to understand your business.

Once your application gets approved, which usually takes a few hours, the agreements will be ready on your dashboard for you to sign. As soon as the legal business owner or representative signs the agreements, EUR IBAN will be generated for your business.
The great part of Jeton Banking is that you can open up to five EUR IBAN accounts under your one Jeton Banking business account. The better news is that there is no additional fee for the new IBANs.

We support the following legal structures for business accounts:

Private Limited Company By Shares
Private Limited Company
Limited Partnership
Unlimited Partnership
Chartered Company
Statutory Company
Holding Company
Subsidiary Company
Sole Trader/Freelancers
Charitable Incorporated Organization
Non Governmental Organization

If your company structure is not mentioned on the above list, please contact our Business Team via support to see what we can do for you.


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