Fin-fluencers Worth Checking Out

The finance market is definitely not for the faint of heart. Considering the recent outbreak in the cryptocurrency world, more people are hopping on the investment trend. The key to locating eminent asset tips and personal finance pursuits is to take guidance from a specialist with years of experience in the field. 

That’s where influencers come in! Yes, finding reliable people online can be a bit of a challenge, especially when we’re talking about money. Thankfully, some fintech influencers have proven their worth.

Thanks to fintech influencers online, finding dependable finance tips online is more straightforward than ever. Just like every topic, you need to find experts that you can rely upon and relate to when it comes to influencers. 

So, below, to save time for our readers, we have prepared a convenient list of the leading fintech influencers so you do not miss out on the latest finance tips. Take a look!

The Top Fintech Influencers That are Worth Checking Out

  • Delyanne Barros

Instagram: @delyannethemoneycoach

Tik Tok: @delyannethemoneycoach

Twitter: @DelyanneMoney

Delyanne Barros, better known on social media as @delyannethemoneycoach, has crafted a unique niche in the investment world. As a self-made millionaire, her mission is to teach others how to achieve similar financial success through smart stock market investments.

Her strategies focus on long-term gains and financial sustainability, aiming to inspire her followers to retire early, as she plans to at age 45. Delyanne’s transparent and straightforward approach demystifies complex financial concepts, making her an excellent resource for those looking to make informed investment decisions.

  • Vivian Tu

Instagram: @your.richbff

TikTok: @yourrichbff

YouTube: @YourRichBFF


Vivian Tu has quickly become a go-to source for straightforward financial advice, particularly for millennials and Gen Z. With a background in Wall Street, Vivian brings a wealth of expertise in handling complex financial markets and translates this into practical, easy-to-understand advice for everyday financial challenges.

Her platform focuses on demystifying topics like investing, debt management, and budgeting, all aimed at helping younger audiences achieve financial literacy and independence. Vivian’s approach is unique as she combines her finance knowledge with relatable content, often using trending social media formats to engage her audience. This blend of entertainment and education helps her followers not only learn but also apply these financial concepts to their lives in meaningful ways.

  • Nate O’Brien


Youtube: @NateOBrien

Twitter: @nateobrienn


Nate O’Brien has made a significant impact on the online finance community with his comprehensive and accessible financial advice. His YouTube channel alone boasts over a million subscribers, where he shares videos on everything from basic budgeting tips to advanced investment strategies.

Nate’s approach is holistic; he not only focuses on how to save and invest but also on lifestyle changes that can help achieve financial independence. His broad appeal lies in his ability to connect with a diverse audience, from young adults just starting out to seasoned investors looking for new insights.

  • Dave Ramsey


Facebook: @daveramsey

Twitter: @DaveRamsey

Youtube: @TheRamseyShow 

Dave Ramsey is a veteran in the world of personal finance, offering advice that has stood the test of time. With millions of followers and several national bestsellers, Dave’s approach to debt, savings, and investments has helped countless individuals regain control of their finances.

His program, “The Ramsey Show,” extends his reach, providing practical, actionable advice. Dave’s emphasis on debt-free living and building wealth through conservative investment strategies makes him a reliable guide for those seeking to achieve financial stability and independence.

  • Tori Dunlap



Twitter: @herfirst100K

Instagram: @herfirst100k

Tori Dunlap’s journey to saving her first $100k by the age of 25 has been an inspiration to many, particularly young women striving for financial independence. Her platform, “Her First $100K,” does not just focus on saving but also on earning more through side hustles and negotiating salaries.

Tori’s advocacy goes beyond personal finance; she is deeply invested in financial feminism, aiming to dismantle the patriarchy by empowering women to take charge of their economic futures. Her engaging content and empowering messages make her a standout voice in the fintech space.

  • Nouriel Roubini


Twitter: @Nouriel

Nouriel Roubini, often referred to as “Dr. Doom” for his often pessimistic forecasts, offers a critical eye on global economic trends and potential financial crises. His expert analyses on recession risks and inflation are indispensable for serious investors looking to understand the broader economic landscape. 

As a professor and entrepreneur, his insights are grounded in rigorous research and a deep understanding of market dynamics. His followers appreciate his straightforward assessments that prepare them for potential economic downturns.

Get Familiar with Reliable Thought Leaders in the Fintech Field

As we’ve stressed before, the finance market is a complex anfi often intimidating world, especially for newcomers. The recent surge in cryptocurrency activities has drawn a diverse crowd eager to tap into this dynamic sector. 

Amid this bustling market, the importance of sound investment advice cannot be overstated enough. The right guidance from seasoned experts is crucial for anyone looking to navigate the intricacies of asset management and personal finance effectively.

In the digital age, fintech influencers have emerged as beacons of wisdom, offering accessible and reliable financial insights right at your fingertips. Like in any field, finding the right voices-those that are trustworthy and resonate with your own financial aspirations— is vital.

Stepping into the finance world doesn’t have to feel like wandering through a labyrinth. With these expert fintech influencers as your guides, the journey can actually be quite empowering and enlightening. 

Whether you’re making your first investment, aiming to scale your portfolio, or just trying to get your finances under control, there’s a wealth of wisdom to be tapped from these voices.

By engaging with their content and absorbing their insights, you’re not just gathering information-you’re building a toolkit for financial resilience and success. So why not dive in, follow along, and start shaping your financial future today? It’s your money story to write, after all!

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