Crypto Account Benefits For Your Business

We all hear the name of random cryptocurrency names in our daily life even though we do not work in the finance sector. Dogecoin, Ethereum, Tether and the mighty Bitcoin. Everyone is talking about these intriguing investments nowadays. But why invest in cryptocurrency

It all started with the legendary manifest of Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. People just laughed at the idea in the beginning and nobody thought it would be the most popular asset in the next ten years. The ones who were accusing blockchain as a Ponzi Scheme then, have become the most passionate cryptocurrency account holders of today.

Advent of the cryptocurrency era is all thanks to the meteoric rise of Bitcoin. To be honest, being more than a currency, cryptocurrencies symbolizes a resistance against centralization and statism in the financial world. Unlike traditional banking systems, crypto accounts are stepping forward with their functionality and speed. Having benefits of anonymity and low fees, they are perfect investment options for both individuals and business owners. Moreover, there are other numerous advantages you will have whilst you open a cryptocurrency account in a provider company. 

Actually, in order to make your final decision, you must ask yourself a question; “Do you want to keep all your eggs in one basket?” A wise investor knows that embanking everything on one spot is more risky than all. If you choose to keep all your business earnings in one currency, it can be tricky. In today’s financial world fiat currencies are unreliable and tardy actors. Furthermore, IBAN numbers and verifications can be not only time consuming but also defective with human errors and documentation. Despite this, cryptocurrency transfers can be easily operated on the peer-to-peer network with no need of intermediaries. As a business owner, a cryptocurrency bank account will ease your money transfers overseas. In contrast to traditional bank transfers, cryptocurrencies require neither exchange rates nor changing transaction charges. No matter what country you are trading with, transfer and transaction fees will be the same. Thus, there is no room for exhausting calculations for every single process. Imagine how soothing it would be!

Another plus to bear in mind is the confidentiality of transactions. All online money transfers in fiat currencies are recorded and this record will be available for the banks until the end of the world. Do you remember what happened in the scandalous database leak in 2017 Equifax database hacking? Millions of Americans’ names, Social Security numbers, current addresses, birth dates, family members, driver’s license numbers and health history were exposed. This is irreversible! All this data is circulating worldwide now. A complete nightmare of every single bank client and unfortunately, Equifax was not the first or last. We hear hacking stories about prestigious establishments pretty often recently. In blockchain this has never been a case. Since every transaction you operate with the recipient would be unique, a leak of financial or personal data is not possible in using cryptocurrency accounts

Did you like what you heard? Now the question is “Where can I open a crypto account?. Our company, Jeton, created a reliable e-wallet platform and one of the leading cryptocurrency accounts online. Our business members can also open Jeton crypto accounts and start benefiting with our customized services. Join us today and let’s carry your business together to a brighter future! 

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