Credit Card Payment Option with Jeton Wallet

According to the latest statistics from 40 countries in Europe, 38.74 percent of the whole population holds at least one credit card. To be honest, these results do not surprise anyone when we consider the recent uprising demand for cashless payments. The Covid-19 nightmare since 2019, had a massive effect on our financial habits. Going online in many ways has opened a new era for credit card providers. Today, from prestigious merchants to individuals, these plastic cards are highly utilized daily. Another latter research shows that digital wallets are on the rise 45% compared to the beginning of the pandemic. Therefore what is more logical than combining these two top payment methods in one pot.

That’s exactly what we thought when we placed debit and credit cards as one of the loading options for Jeton Wallet accounts. 

Briefly, a credit card can be defined as a small plastic card issued by a bank and enables the holder to purchase goods or services on credit. Apart from debit cards which take the amount of your purchase from your checking account in almost real-time, utilizing a credit card leads to a transaction charged to your line of credit. The high ground is to procrastinate the bill at a later date, which also gives the holder more time to pay. It would not be inaccurate to say that these are life saviors in many cases. Have you crossed your salary this month? There are two weeks until the payday, but you finally found your dream plane tickets at one-quarter of the general price? You need an urgent operation but are not sure if your health insurance covers this one? The scenarios in which a credit card can save the day are endless. Thus, credit card payments and any related digital wallets with them are not only flexible but also a source of inner calm. 

European merchants and consumers highly utilize credit card payment options to shop online, pay their utility bills, and send last-minute deals overseas. Would it surprise you that the highest value in usage is Norway with 70.5%? Yes! Nordmenns do not bother themselves with carrying Krones. Most of them just take their cards with them, not even a purse. Sounds pretty comfortable, right? Actually, it is a common attitude in Scandinavian countries to use the most convenient and downhill methods. Considering their approach to innovations, these coolest (literally and metaphorically) countries adore the felicity of recent technology more than many other European ones. 

Since our starting point to construct Jeton, our inner team has dedicated itself to providing the most functional, secure, and commodious paths to load your accounts and cash out. Before penetrating a region’s market, we deeply search for the most popular payment praxis for the subject community. In the light of our analyses, we added debit/credit cards as deposit options in Norway, Poland, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Germany, and Japan. Plus, these mighty cards provide prominent profits in transaction fees together with double-quick transfer durations. The minimum deposit amount may vary from one country to another in conjunction with being mostly between a minimum of €10 up to a maximum of €500 or an equivalent fiat currency. Definitely, worth a try!

So next time, when you want to fund your Jeton Wallet, pick your Visa and Mastercard to experience a smooth and hassle-free deposit. Are you from Japan? JCB is also included in your choices. Moreover, our LATAM residents can use Boleto and Pago Efectivo Plus whereas UPI and NetBanking are under the service of Indian users. For further details, please feel free to contact our dedicated Jeton customer support. Join Jeton today and carry your online money transfers further!

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