Contactless Payments In Peru

Peru is often considered the pearl of the Pacific Coast, with magnificent Quechua culture in the Andes and Sacred Valley. The country has always been a popular tourist destination through Machu Picchu, the Amazon rainforest, and the Incas. Many cultural, historical, and natural attractions are located in this magical land. You may find it difficult to believe it exists at some point. 

Being neighbours with developing countries, Peru is bordered in the east by Brazil and Bolivia, in the north by Ecuador and Colombia, in the south by Chile, and west by the fantastic Pacific Ocean. Its unique geopolitical location puts it under the limelight for investors and business owners wanting to expand in the South American market. 

Suppose you are following the business magazines nowadays. In that case, you probably encounter many articles spotlighting LATAM regarding rich raw materials, cheap touristic potential, agricultural diversity, low-cost labour, accessible transportation options, and privileges for foreign capital inflows. When all advantages blend, the attention of the United States, China, Mexico, and Brazil on these countries increases incrementally.

Peru Payment Options 

Peru is one of the leading countries in the area and regulates itself according to cutting-edge technologies. Banking services are on the same level as in Western countries, while cashless payments in Peru have risen rapidly due to Covid-19. Before the catastrophic pandemic, the results of statistics by domestic survey agencies used to show cash Peru payments were at the rate of 20% in entire Peru payment methods. When we consider that Peruvians are pretty conservative about their spending habits, this percentage may sound optimistic, even.  

Contactless Payments In Peru with Jeton

Nobody wants to risk their health by touching dirty money hand-to-hand. Thanks to advanced payment innovations, Peru has embraced cashless payments through diverse methods such as debit/credit cards, digital wallets, contactless cards, bank transfers, and prepaid cards. The concept of contactless transactions is gaining popularity, particularly among the tech-savvy new generations aged 18-45.

In this landscape, Jeton’s cutting-edge payment systems, play a significant role. Contactless payments with Jeton allow consumers to make purchases effortlessly by tapping right into a POS (Point-of-Sale) terminal ready with NFC (Near-Field-Communication) and RFID (Frequency-Identification-Technology). This removes the need for messy passwords, reduces wait times, and eliminates direct contact with POS terminals, providing a hygienic, fast, and secure way for hassle-free payments.

Despite Peru’s conventional financial habits, the adoption of contactless payments is evident, with Peruvians embracing the trend for smooth and efficient transactions in their daily routines. For foreigners visiting this lovely country, Jeton’s payment systems provide a secure and handy way to revel in the wonders of Peru without the concern of transmitting viruses or catching one. 

Are you looking for contactless payment in Peru but need a digital wallet placing Peruvian Sol? Our seamless e-wallet, Jeton Wallet, allows users to create accounts in their local currencies; our Peruvian users are no exception. They can choose Sol among 50 different fiat currencies and popular cryptocurrencies. 

Our professional understands the spirit of Peru and creates customised payment plans for Peru as well as other LATAM countries. Visit our website today and meet with our innovative services to enjoy smooth payments!

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