Contactless Payment in the Netherlands

We are all in a hurry now, 24 hours is not enough for us, we eat our food fast, we walk down the street with fast steps, in short, we want everything to be very fast now. While we were thinking that the checkout queue in the markets and restaurants is very annoying, a new concept that came into our lives changed everything: contactless payment. 

The Netherlands has always been at the cutting edge of technological advancement when it comes to your personal finances. Contactless payment in the Netherlands is a method adopted by many Dutch citizens.

Thanks to the contactless feature of Jeton Card, you can regain the minutes you lost in your daily shopping. In your low amount of shopping, you can stop worrying about coins, and enjoy the pleasure of paying easily in 1 second without having to key in a password. You can also do all your shopping with your contactless credit card using your password. You can visit its website to open an account with Jeton. 

What is Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment is the process of making payments by bringing the card closer to the device without entering a password, using credit cards and POS devices with this feature. One of the questions asked about this increasingly popular technology is “Is contactless payment safe?” becomes a question. Thanks to the multiple security levels applied in contactless payments, transactions are carried out in the most secure way.

How to Make Contactless Payment?

Contactless payment process; with contactless credit cards and contactless POS devices, it is done by bringing the card closer to the device. In this way, the payment process is carried out in the fastest way without the need to enter a card password.

Advantages of Contactless Payment

The first advantage of contactless payment with a credit card is that the payment is completed in a very short time. The opportunity to pay in seconds instead of waiting for a long time at payment points makes contactless payment attractive.

Another advantage of contactless payment is hygiene. The hands are the most suitable places for the spread of viruses and bacteria that cause infectious diseases in the areas touched. Dozens or even hundreds of people can come into contact with the cash used in a very short time. During contactless payment, you do not touch any foreign surface and you do not have to give your card to someone else.

Contactless payment stands out as a secure payment method. While there is a possibility for the card to be copied or the information to be captured in transactions made with a credit card, you do not give your card to anyone when contactless payment is made, so it is not possible to copy the card and capture the information.

With contactless payment, you are less likely to forget or lose your card.

Jeton Card in the Netherlands

Jeton is one of the payment systems that keep up with these technological advancements. In addition, the company has a contactless payment card that may be used in everyday life. You may use a Jeton card to make contactless payments and withdraw money from ATMs in the Netherlands. Jeton cards can be used in any establishment that accepts Visa cards. You may quickly become a Jeton customer and enjoy digital payments with no additional expenses. Jeton can be found among e-commerce sites’ payment alternatives. Jeton wallets allow users to manage all of their accounts, while Jeton cards allow users to send money to their cards from their wallets.

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