Can a Foreigner Open a Bank Account in Poland

Poland’s economy is expanding thanks to immigrants fleeing nations affected by economic crises and political strife and large numbers of young, educated people seeking jobs in international companies operating in Polish towns.

Today, many people choose Poland for tourism, life, or business. So, can a foreigner open a bank account in Poland? What are the things to consider before opening a bank account in Poland? You can find the answers to these in this article.

What are the Advantages of Opening a Bank Account in Poland?

  • Many banks in Poland are part of worldwide holdings that result in strong banking infrastructure.
  • From students to large businesses, they all provide a wide variety of services and financial goods.
  • The ATM network in Poland is extensive, allowing you to do all the basic transactions, and many new ways to complete transitions were introduced early – contactless payment was a phenomenon in Poland even before many other countries heard about it.
  • Almost every bank has an advanced mobile app and online banking, as well as a variety of Poland digital payment alternatives and mobile wallet compatibility.
  • If you are considering moving to Poland (permanently), you will need to open a bank account.

What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account in Poland?

If you have a Polish address, opening a bank account is relatively simple; In some cases, banks will allow you to open branches without having to go to a branch, using a video ID, or even sending the final documents to you in the mail to sign, provided the postman has the authority to verify your identity.

While many banks now offer the option to open a bank account with only one authentication, such as a passport, it can be more difficult for non-residents.

Can a Non-resident Open a Bank Account?

It is best to inquire with banks about their specific criteria. Some of them have rules that are accommodating to foreigners and merely require evidence of identity and a passport. They may also want confirmation of residency in the country in which you live.

What Are the Documents Required to Open a Bank Account in Poland?

You will need the following documents when creating a Poland bank account:

  • A passport or national identity card may also be accepted as a form of identification.
  • If you don’t have a rental agreement or residence card, you can use a service document as proof of address.
  • Employment history and pay stubs are required for credit cards or overdraft accounts.

It’s best to research with banks what their individual requirements are. Some have foreigner-friendly policies and only require proof of identity, and a passport, and may also require proof of residence in the country where you live.

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