Best Play to Earn Crypto Games

In a nutshell, Play-to-earn games, also called P2E games, are crypto games based on earning cryptocurrency and NFTs through actions and achievements in the gameplay. This concept can be familiar to 2000s players who have spent time with Metin2, Knight Online, or Ultima Online. We used to sell our valuable items on specific platforms, and this demand had its own market. However, in popular Play-To-Earn Games, the primary goal of playing the game is to be rewarded with digital cash or NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), which can be smoothly exchanged on notable platforms. 

Since these are blockchain-sourced games, thus almost all metaverse platforms place them as a core component in their game set. In the rest of the article, we will list the four Best Play to Earn Crypto Game facilities and their appealing characteristics to assist our readers in shaping their opinions regarding which P2E game to choose and invest in.

Best P2E Games

  • The Sandbox 

Indeed The Sandbox is one of the best crypto NFT Games on the current market. The game forms a universe with myriad ways to earn its local cryptocurrency, SAND. Players can be game makers, landowners, or artists. The sky’s the limit here.  

Platform’s tool VoxEdit allows artists to compete for creativity and earn SAND by selling these NFTs. Please note that you can not just upload them on the marketplace. Initially, you must fill out an application form and a well-equipped portfolio and send it to its creators’ fund.

In Sandbox, buying land to rent or create experiences like games, courses, parties, or concerts is possible. Entries to these experiences will cost a pre-decided entry fee for other players to attend.

  • Axie Infinity

Being in the top P2E crypto games list, Axie Infinity can also be the best well-designed game on the field. Axies are in-game creatures taking their names from lovely Axolotls, paedomorphic salamanders found in lakes. The game is based on fights between players with three Axies each.

There are two ways to own an Axie. One is to buy them in the marketplace; another is to purchase eggs from the game’s Axies labs and wait for them to hatch. When you own one, it is possible to breed eggs with another Axie to have new Axies and sell your offspring in the particular marketplace again.

The fight between two Axies teams gives an award in AXS (Axie Infinity Shards), the native token of the game set. AXS is exchangeable for fiat currencies and open to be staked to earn extra rewards.

AXS are not the only native tokens in this spectacular game. To breed Axies, you may need some SLP (Smooth Love Potions), an in-game ERC-20 token. Just like AXS, SLPs are also convertible into fiat currencies on prestigious crypto exchanges.

  • Pegaxy

Are you interested in horses? How about breeding your race-horses in the stipulated time as per their bloodline? Pegaxy takes its cool name from Pegasus, a mythological winged divine horse, one of the most recognized creatures in Greek mythology.

This game is based on virtual horse racing, and players earn VIS and PGX by racing their horses, renting them, breeding them, or selling them to other players.

These horses, Pegas, have magnificent robotic figures that owners can add extras like choosing appropriate gear, track elements, and many more. The Pega races are without human control, more likely virtual sports but with calculated power depending on the Pega’s characteristics. 

In addition, players can use USDTs to buy Pegas at the Pegaxy marketplace and breed them to produce little Pegas to fuse two Pegas or for races. All these actions will cost VISs and PGXs, which you can convert into other cryptos in crypto exchanges.  

  • Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party is a universe with lego-looking characters called Blankos. The game aims to level up Blankos, collect them, and dispose of them for a certain sum of money. You may wonder, “How much can a Blanko cost?”. Are you ready to hear the answer?

You may find a Blanko with a $10 price tag, and it is possible to encounter the most expensive one with a $5 million value. The cost of a Blanko may change according to the attributes it carries and its uniqueness. Blanko owners can also create parties building parties to host others to earn rewards in following updates. Although Blankos Block Party is in the Beta version, we believe that we will hear its name frequently mentioned in the near future.

Consequently, mingling gaming fun with earning cryptos that come with real-world value is a spectacular idea for today’s innovative perspective. However, considering the volatility of NFTs and cryptocurrencies, we recommend our readers approach these games cautiously. Maybe it is wiser to see them as games than a path to invest in and strike gold.

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