Another Life Is Possible: Insights From a Freelancer

“If you don’t like where you are, move. You are not a tree!” says Jim Rohn, a legendary American entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. What does it make us stay? Why do we all dream of other lives but eventually, we wake up to the loop again? What is that main reason? Probably, the answer is “Money”. The fear of being penniless in a society worshipping wealth. We have always been taught to have gratitude and not to demand more. But maybe, a better life is possible with no need of being stuck in a suffocating office with colleagues you have nothing in common with. Why don’t you consider being a freelancer?  Covid-19 locked all of us inside our houses for almost a year. It was a horrible time we would like to forget about. However, on the other hand, small businesses and enterprises alike realized that working remotely did not affect efficiency whereas they can profit in a plethora of ways such as reduced health insurance payments, utility bills, food stamps, and transportation. According to Statista, 72 % of European white-collars answer in the affirmative to the question of “Would you like to go on distant working?”. Therefore, both businesses hiring freelancers and freelancers are on the rise recently. To clear the clouds, we better understand the definition of freelance

Becoming a Freelancer

In a nutshell, freelancing is a self-employed occupation with no commitment to a particular long-term contract. Being independent of a work schedule and location, freelancing enables people to work remotely. A freelancer provides their equipment and tools whereas their taskmaster provides a finite contract ending when the job is completed in mutual terms. Actually, from an obtuse angle, freelancers are short-term employees in fundamentals, yet, the notion carries some grey lines on edges. The most significant concern is how to get paid as a freelancer. Here, we have listed crowded freelancer payment methods for those who want to dip their toes into the water:
  • Wire Transfer
When you take a glimpse at websites on professional freelancer networking and career development, you will realize that bank transfers are leading methods since they are not only irrevocable but also mondial. According to the amount and region, the transaction fees may vary. For example, domestic transfers can be cheaper compared to money transfers overseas. Although they can take up to 3-5 days, for conservative approaches, wire transfers are highly demanded and trusted around the globe.
  • Debit/Credit Cards
You may think that going plastic can be more conventional and fast. Unfortunately, considering the high transaction fees, this freelancer payment option can be quite pricey. On the other hand, if you and your task manager reside in Europe, you can both utilize reduced transfer costs under the regulations of SEPA. Please note that, just like wire transfers, there is a limitation for the maximum amount and the number of transactions on a daily and weekly basis for this option.
  • Checks
Checks may seem a bit out of date for many of you. The interesting detail is that they are still pretty common in Russia and the USA. Together with ACHs, this payment option can be functional for freelancers doing work with these countries. At this point, we would like to underline the gravity of using it for clients that you highly trust and be there for the check’s procession. The flipside of the checks is the possibility of coming across with a kited check or the long duration of payments.  
  • Crypto Wallets  
Obviously, considering the high demand worldwide, cryptocurrencies are here to stay, and they have already taken their place to be a valid currency in daily payments. So why not get paid by the cryptocurrency as a freelancer? Do you have concerns about the volatility in the crypto market? Why not utilize Tether (USDT) which is a stable crypto coin which is always worth $1.00? The great advantages of crypto payments are speed, anonymity, and incredibly low transaction fees compared to other options.  
  • E-wallets
Undoubtedly, digital wallets enable freelancers the fastest, the most trustworthy, and the hassle-free way to get paid as a freelancer. Opening an e-wallet account is a piece of cake by analogy with traditional bank accounts. Moreover, thanks to their innovative apps, you can monitor and direct your cash flow easily. You will be notified as soon as you are paid by the app whereas you can also operate your other money transfers cheaper and safer. Today, most digital wallets come with debit cards issued by prestigious card providers such as Mastercard or Visa. Actually, in that respect, digital wallets are like a perfect blend of comprehensive online banking and debit/credit cards. Maybe it is time to review your life and make a change. You can feel much more bright as a freelancer than you are now. Remember, it is never too late! Our e-wallet, Jeton fully understands every single client is unique and creates tailor-made solutions supporting both individuals and businesses. Open a Jeton account today! Get paid in minutes and do not risk your hard-won money with rip-off fees!
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